Andy Murray`s brother hit by `scary` body cramps

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray Thursday said his brother Jamie had been hit by "scary" body cramps after playing Australian Open doubles in the intense Melbourne heat.

Jamie Murray, competing in 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) before play was suspended for safety reasons, was struggling for hours after he and partner John Peers beat Matt Reid and Luke Saville in two sets.

The 27-year-old is just one of many casualties of one of Melbourne`s worst ever heatwaves, which forced organisers to take the rare step of halting play and closing the stadium roofs.

"It`s never happened to him before. He`s never had real cramps like that either. When that happens, the cramps, I don`t know how dangerous they are, but they`re very, very uncomfortable," Murray said.

He added: "When it happens the first time, it`s pretty scary... he was struggling for, I mean, a good three, four hours after the match."

Murray was previously critical of organisers for letting the competition continue in such conditions, and he said it would be helpful if the rules about heat were clearer.

"After the tournament`s finished, I`m sure there will be some discussions between the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) and the ITF (International Tennis Federation) to maybe shore up the rules a little bit and make it a little bit, you know, easier for everybody to understand," he said.

"But let`s also remember this is the first time it`s ever been like this. I heard it was a hundred years [that] they`ve never had weather like this four days in a row. So you`ve got to expect that`s probably not going to happen again for a while."

The world number four was speaking after beating France`s Vincent Millot to reach the tournament`s third round.