Murray`s mother Judy makes New Year`s resolution to get children `active`

London: Andy Murray`s mother, Judy, has made a set of New Year`s resolutions to make children healthier and happier, according to reports.

According to The Daily Express, for the past two years, the mother of the Wimbledon champion has been touring the country sharing the games she dreamed up in her Dunblane garden to keep her young sons amused.

Now in its third year, Judy`s Set4Sport has toured Britain in a bid to introduce a new generation of children to exercise, the report said.

She said that it was a great time to also make resolutions as a family and since she was so passionate about helping people get more active, she would want to build it into everyday family fan rather than making it a chore.

New research by Set4Sport revealed that children take just 18 minutes to become bored with a toy given as a present, the report added.