Wimbledon 2012: Roger Federer vs Mikhail Youzhny – As it happened…

Zeenews Sports Bureau

Wimbledon: It’s not that Youzhny didn’t try to compete with the legend, it’s just that the Swiss maestro was too hot to handle! Everytime Youzhny tried to be innovative, his shot landed wide or hit the nets. After all it’s not that easy when you play against probably the greatest tennis player of all times – Roger Federer.

Here is how the match panned out to be!

Roger Federer wins the game 6-1, 6-2, 6-2 and now he has stormed into the semis. Youzhny was a no-show against the Legend who is now two steps away from winning his seventh Wimbledon title, a feat which Sampras has achieved in the past.

Youzhny wins the game and makes Federer serve for the match.

THIRD SET: Federer leads 5-2

Federer is now just one point away from the semi-final. He wins the game with a terrific cross court forehand.

THIRD SET: Federer leads 5-1

Roger extends his lead, two games away from a place in the semis.

THIRD SET: Federer leads 4-1

Youzhny has two break points in the game. When he lost the first one, he shouted out of frustration. The crowd loved that! Roger wins the game.

THIRD SET: Federer leads 3-1

Youzhny makes his presence felt! Wins all points to win the game!

THIRD SET: Federer leads 2-1

Federer is also in a hurry here. He is winning games within no time.

THIRD SET: Federer leads 2-0

With courtesy of a double-fault from his opponent, Federer breaks Rouzhny’s serve to win the first game of the third set.

THIRD SET: Federer leads 1-0

Federer wins the four games and wins the second set as well. We are all set for an early finish here. Third set should be no different.


The Swiss maestro is storming towards another easy win here.

SECOND SET: Federer leads 5-2

Federer easily extends his lead.

SECOND SET: Federer leads 4-2

Rouzhny probably plays his best tennis of the match in the fifth game and is rewarded for it.

SECOND SET: Federer leads 3-2

Federer was trailing 0-30 but then bounces back to bag the third fourth game of second set.

SECOND SET: Federer leads 3-1

Federer wins the first two games of the second set as well, Rouzhny is finding it hard to match with the champion.

SECOND SET: Federer leads 2-0.

The play has resumed and FEDERER WINS FIRST SET 6-1!

Roger Federer won the first game and after a long second game, Roger extends his lead to 2-0. Roger hit a winner on the fifth break point of the game! The second game lasted for 11 minutes!

FIRST SET: Federer leads 3-0.