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New catalyst turns greenhouse gases into useful chemicals

Last Updated: Sunday, February 02, 2014, 17:34

Scientists have discovered a new method to convert harmful greenhouse gases into chemicals which can produce synthetic fuels, while reducing industrial carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40 percent.

New laser scans for greenhouse gases

Last Updated: Sunday, February 02, 2014, 16:09

Researchers have developed a new type of laser that can be used to detect greenhouses gases in the atmosphere.

Solar activity `not key culprit behind climate change`

Last Updated: Monday, December 23, 2013, 11:27

Researchers have said that climate change has not been strongly influenced by variations in heat from the sun.

Greenhouse gases allowed water to flow on ancient Mars

Last Updated: Monday, November 25, 2013, 20:13

Presence of molecular hydrogen, carbon dioxide and water on Mars may have created a greenhouse effect that pushed temperatures high enough to allow for liquid water 3.8 billion years ago, scientists have found.

Talks seek modest UN climate deal for 2015, to raise aid

Last Updated: Monday, November 11, 2013, 12:24

World governments meeting in Poland from Monday are likely to make only modest progress in reaching a 2015 deal to fight climate change.

Ancient Antarctic ice may reveal Earth`s past climate conditions

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 06, 2013, 15:17

Scientists have identified regions in Antarctica that they claim stores data about Earth`s climate and greenhouse gases extending as far back as 1.5 million years.

Scientists back `nuclear power` to help slow down global warming

Last Updated: Monday, November 04, 2013, 14:35

Top climate scientists have claimed that the development of safer nuclear power can help in decelerating the effects of global warming by cutting down on fossil fuel pollution.

Geoengineering the climate could reduce vital rains

Last Updated: Friday, November 01, 2013, 19:12

Attempts to geoengineer the climate in order to lower greenhouse gases in the atmosphere could reduce vital rains in several parts of the world, including East Asia, a new study has found.

Smoke from Indian religious sites `melting Himalayan glaciers`

Last Updated: Wednesday, October 30, 2013, 19:04

Religious sites are responsible for almost a quarter of the greenhouse gases blamed for global warming on the Indian subcontinent and the melting of the Himalayan glaciers, a new study has claimed.

Current temperature rise in Arctic highest since past 120,000 years

Last Updated: Friday, October 25, 2013, 14:08

Experts at the University of Colorado Boulder have found that the standard summer temperatures in the Eastern Canadian Arctic have risen drastically in the last 100 years as compared to any century in the last 44,000 years and perhaps as long ago as 120,000 years.

Earth would have been much hotter if there were no plants

Last Updated: Thursday, October 17, 2013, 14:12

Enhanced growth of Earth`s leafy greens during the 20th century has significantly slowed the planet`s transition to being red-hot, according to a new study.

Water in Earth`s atmosphere may cause climate warming

Last Updated: Sunday, October 06, 2013, 13:59

Water vapour in Earth`s stratosphere contributes to warmer temperatures and likely plays an important role in the evolution of climate on our planet, a new study has found.