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`Sharks dive deep under full Moon`

Last Updated: Tuesday, April 16, 2013, 18:37

A full Moon and warm waters may alter sharks` diving behaviour, compelling the creatures to take a plunge deeper into the sea, a new study has found.

When Trisha Krishnan`s dream came true

Last Updated: Monday, March 18, 2013, 13:38

When southern actress Trisha Krishnan tweeted of a dream come true, she was not referring to the success of her film or the winning of an award; what she spoke of was a swim, with creatures of the sea.

100 million sharks killed every year

Last Updated: Sunday, March 03, 2013, 11:34

Sharks need to be better protected or many species could face possible extinction, as nearly 100 million of them are killed every year, according to a new study.

New shark species discovered

Last Updated: Friday, March 01, 2013, 19:42

Two new shark species discovered in Australia will help scientists script a better understanding of the species.

Bull sharks `have strongest bite out of all specie

Last Updated: Saturday, October 13, 2012, 15:16

Bull sharks have the strongest bite of any shark species, researchers say.

I`m terrified of sharks, says Justin Bieber

Last Updated: Saturday, October 06, 2012, 17:53

Justin Bieber has revealed that he had a harrowing experience filming his latest video - because of his fear of sharks.

Sharks are colour-blind: Scientists

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 19, 2012, 22:16

Scientists have discovered that sharks are colour blind, a find which can impact human interactions with the predator.

Lemon sharks learn new skills by watching each other

Last Updated: Monday, September 10, 2012, 17:32

US scientists have revealed that lemon sharks have the ability to learn from each other’s behaviour.

Slowest Greenland sharks `hunt sleeping seals`

Last Updated: Saturday, June 23, 2012, 18:29

Researchers have measured the speed of the ocean’s slowest shark – the Greenland sharks, which “cruise” at 0.34m per second that is less than 1mph and revealed that they hunt sleeping seals.

Fish stocks depleting along Indian coasts: Greenpeace

Last Updated: Friday, June 08, 2012, 16:27

Gujarat is fighting for fish stocks along the Kutch coast, which are depleting.

Panesar won’t let England down if recalled: Mark Robinson

Last Updated: Thursday, December 22, 2011, 09:33

Sussex Sharks coach Mark Robinson thinks left-arm spinner Monty Panesar wouldn`t let England down if he is called up into the squad to face Pakistan next month.

Humans were catching tuna 42K years ago: Study

Last Updated: Friday, November 25, 2011, 08:55

Humans were expert deep-sea fishermen as far back as 42,000 years ago, hauling in tuna, sharks and barracudas, new research suggests.