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Fearing Narendra Modi, Dawood Ibrahim asks ISI to enhance his security

As Narendra Modi is all set to become India`s nect Prime Minister, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim has changed his location and has made the Af-Pak border as his new home, a report said on Tuesday.

Brit MP wants ‘neutron bomb’ exploded in lawless Af-Pak border

A former Brit defence minister after he suggested that a neutron bomb could be used to create a ‘cordon sanitaire’ in troubled Af-Pak border.

Killer drones deployed in Libya as US warns of `stalemate`

US drones commenced
operations in Libya to help rebels bogged down in their bid to
oust Muammar Gaddafi as the top American commander warned that
the conflict was "moving towards stalemate".

US-funded Pashto radio service launched in Af-Pak border

Radio Mashaal, a US Congress-funded Pashto radio service, went on air in Afghanistan on Friday in an effort to counter the propaganda machine of the Taliban and al Qaeda.

‘Af-Pak border still a major safe haven for terrorists’

The Pakistan, Afghanistan
border is still a "major safe haven" for terrorists and
clearing out al Qaeda and Taliban remains America`s "bona
fide" mission in the region, a powerful US Senator said on Sunday.