Cote D'Ivoirie seeks India's investment in cocoa processing

Cote D'Ivoirie today sought investment from India's private sector particularly in cocoa processing to further strengthen its trade ties with India.

Al Qaeda attack will not derail Ivory Coast revival: President

President Alassane Ouattara vowed on Wednesday that an al Qaeda-claimed attack on an Ivory Coast beach resort that killed 19 people would not derail the nation`s post-war revival.

Al-Qaeda claims deadly attack at Ivory Coast beach resort which killed 16

Al-Qaeda claims deadly attack at Ivory Coast beach resort which killed 16

Gunmen killed 16 people at an Ivory Coast resort leaving bodies strewn on the beach, in an attack claimed by an Al-Qaeda affiliate as fears grow of a mounting jihadist threat in west Africa.

Ivory Coast President Ouattara easily wins re-election

Ivory Coast's electoral commission says the president has won a second five-year term.

ICC must investigate president`s camp for wartime abuses: HRW

The International Criminal Court must broaden its investigation into the violence that ripped Ivory Coast apart in 2010 and 2011 to include violations committed by loyalists of President Alassane Ouattara, Human Rights Watch said Tuesday.

Thousands rally against I Coast president

 Between 3,000 and 5,000 people demonstrated in Abidjan on Saturday against Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara, the sole declared candidate for an October presidential vote, police and organisers said.

Ivorian ex-fighters exiled in Liberia fear reprisals at home

Four years after Alassane Ouattara took power in Ivory Coast amid post-election violence that left thousands dead, exiles who fought him tooth and nail yearn to return but fear bloody reprisals.

Ivory Coast`s former rebels cling to their weapons

"This, I won`t hand over," growls Etienne, a former fighter in Ivory Coast who helped President Alassane Ouattara to power in 2011, clutching his rusty Kalashnikov tightly.

I.Coast`s Ouattara nominated to seek re-election as president

The ruling coalition in Ivory Coast on Saturday nominated incumbent President Alassane Ouattara for re-election in October`s presidential poll as the country seeks to move on from years of political turmoil.

Ivorian president taps into nation`s football victory

Ivorian president taps into nation`s football victory

As members of Ivory Coast`s football team became national heroes with their dramatic Africa Cup of Nations victory, President Alassane Ouattara has moved to turn their popularity into a political scoring opportunity of his own.

Morocco says Burkina Faso's Compaore to stay for limited period

Burkina Faso`s former president Blaise Compaore, who was toppled in a popular uprising last month, will stay in Morocco for a limited period after fleeing his country, the Moroccan government said on Friday.

France says Africans need to take lead in Mali

France`s foreign minister said "our African friends need to take lead" in a military intervention to oust extremists from power in northern Mali.

Ouattara coalition leads in Ivorian poll count

Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara`s ruling coalition led in partial results from Sunday`s legislative election.

Int`l court OKs Ivory Coast violence probe

The violence erupted after Gbagbo refused to cede power to Alassane Ouattara after losing the election last November.

`No knowledge of massacre: Ouattara’

Ivory Coast`s President said he knows nothing about brutal killings committed by his forces the day after his inauguration.

Ouattara inaugurated as Ivory Coast President

Alassane Ouattara was declared winner of a UN-certified election in November.

Ouattara asks ICC to probe Ivory Coast crimes

Alassane Ouattara has been in power since the April arrest of Laurent Gbagbo.

Ivory Coast`s Ouattara sacks top officials close to ex-rival

Alassane Ouattara assumed the presidency after Gbagbo was ousted on April 11.

Ivory Coast`s President in Dakar on first foreign visit

Ouattara vows to punish those who committed crimes during power struggle.

Ivory Coast`s Ouattara sworn in as President

Alassane Ouattara finally took the oath of office at a ceremony in Abidjan.