Lady Gaga manhandled
Lady Gaga manhandled

Pop star Lady Gaga, known for her racy outfits, was manhandled by a back up dancer during her performance in Amsterdam recently.

Whistled Iker Casillas accepts blame for latest Real Madrid flop
Whistled Iker Casillas accepts blame for latest Real Madrid flop

Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas accepted some of the blame for the European champions` latest La Liga failure after they were beaten 2-1 by city rivals and champions Atletico Madrid on Saturday.

Gaga introduces new pet to fans

Singer Lady Gaga has introduced her French bulldog named Asia to fans.

Katy Perry dismisses Lady Gaga rivalry

Pop star Katy Perry does not find it healthy to be pitted against Lady Gaga, something that has been happening a lot recently with their latest singles `Roar` and `Applause` releasing simultaneously.

Lady Gaga`s latest outfit is pyramid mask made of hair!

Lady Gaga was spotted wearing a yellow belted trench-coat under a long-sleeved fur bolero and a giant pyramid covering her head outside the Ritz Carlton hotel in Berlin.

Lady Gaga allows fans to choose next single

Singer Lady Gaga has asked her fans to select the next single that she will release from her latest album ‘ARTPOP’.

Lady Gaga dedicates `Applause` to fans

Pop star Lady Gaga has revealed that she wrote her new single “Applause” to thank her supportive fans for getting her through her hip injury last year.

Katy Perry`s `Roar` to out sell Gaga`s `Applause`

Katy Perry`s new song `Roar` is expected to sell well with industry forecasters suggesting it will move around 450,000 downloads by the end of this week, outselling Gaga`s `Applause`.

Lady Gaga speeds up release of new single `Applause`

Lady Gaga is hurrying the official release of "Applause", the first single from her new album "ARTPOP".

Lady Gaga leaks lyrics of unreleased song online

Even before releasing her new single `Applause` from her upcoming album `Artpop`, pop star Lady Gaga has shared its lyrics for her fans online.

Rare blue roses to be up for sale in US

Named `Applause,` the rose is the product of a genetic modification to synthesise a pigment found in blue flowers know as delphinidin.