Air France Paris-Rio crash due to human error: Experts

An "inappropriate response" from stressed pilots was responsible for the 2009 crash into the Atlantic of an Air France plane flying from Rio to Paris that killed all 228 people on board, a new experts` report said.

Iran sends warships to Atlantic

Two Iranian warships set sail today for the Atlantic Ocean on their navy`s first-ever mission there, state TV reported.

Powerful quake strikes far south Atlantic: USGS

A powerful 7.8 magnitude undersea earthquake struck in the Scotia Sea, a remote region in the far south Atlantic near Antarctica, US earthquake monitors reported on Sunday.

Tropical storms Gabrielle, Humberto swirl in Atlantic

Tropical Storm Gabrielle regenerated and bore down on Bermuda on Tuesday while Tropical Storm Humberto strengthened to the verge of becoming the season`s first Atlantic hurricane, forecasters said.

Tropical Storm Barry hits Mexican coast

Tropical Storm Barry formed off Mexico`s Gulf Coast, prompting Mexican authorities to ready hundreds of shelters.

Bezos expedition recovers Apollo engines from Atlantic

An expedition team led by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos pulled up two mammoth Apollo rocket engines from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

Russian ships to exercise in Atlantic, Black Sea

A Russian naval task force will perform combat training missions in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Amazon CEO wants to raise sunken Apollo 11 engines

Now Internet billionaire and space enthusiast Jeff Bezos wants to raise at least one of them to the surface.

Now, make trips to Titanic wreck at $61,000

People willing to take a look at the then world`s biggest ocean liner, the Titanic, will be able to make trips.

Black boxes from 2009 Air France crash home

Flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris plunged into the Atlantic on June 1.

Body from 2009 Air France crash in Atlantic raised

The victim was still strapped into the seat, making the recovery difficult.

Parts of Rio-Paris jet wreckage found

An Air France plane crashed over Atlantic while on Rio-Paris route in 2009.

More than a million Atlantic sharks killed yearly

At least 1.3 million sharks, many listed as endangered, were harvested from the Atlantic in 2008 by industrial-scale fisheries unhampered by catch or size limits.

Coral bleaching will worsen in 2010

A new study has revealed that Coral bleaching in 2010 is shaping up to be even worse than 2005.

New deep-sea hot springs found in the Atlantic

Scientists have discovered a new hydrothermal vent 500 km southwest of the Azores.

No explosives found aboard jet diverted to Maine

The father of a former Air Force intelligence specialist was left to wonder why his son went from leading a "squeaky clean" life to being accused of claiming he had explosives aboard a trans-Atlantic flight.

Researchers warn of plastic soup in Atlantic

Researchers are warning of a new blight at sea: a swirl of confetti-like plastic debris stretching over a remote expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

UN rejects export ban on Atlantic bluefin tuna

A US-backed proposal to ban the export
of Atlantic bluefin tuna was rejected by a UN wildlife meeting, with scores of developing nations
joining Japan in opposing a measure they feared would devastate fishing economies.

Japan to ignore bluefin tuna ban

Japan said on Thursday it would ignore any ban on international trade in Atlantic bluefin tuna, a proposal that has won US support ahead of a crucial vote next month.

6.7 quake in south Atlantic near S Sandwich Islands: USGS

A major 6.7-magnitude earthquake struck the southern Atlantic ocean early today east of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, a sparsely populated British territory, a US monitor said.