Ben Affleck struggles with bat suit

Hollywood star Ben Affleck is reportedly struggling on the sets of the `Batman vs Superman` movie because of the uncomfortable bat suit he has to wear.

Marvel vs DC is a shame: Chris Evans

Actor Chris Evans feels the box office battle between his movie `Captain America 3` and `Batman vs Superman` is a shame.

Gal Gadot to Play Wonder Woman in `Batman Vs Superman`

Israeli actress Gal Gadot has been cast as the iconic Wonder Woman in Ben Afflect-Henry Cavill starrer `Batman Vs Superman`.

`Batman vs Superman` finds its Robin in Adam Driver

`Girls` star Adam Driver is the frontrunner to bag the role of Batman`s sidekick Dick Grayson aka Nightwing (Robin) in Zack Snyder`s superhero sequel `Batman vs Superman`.

Jaime Alexander hints at Wonder Woman role

‘Thor’ actress Jaimie Alexander has hinted that she has met with Warner Bros to discuss about playing iconic superhero Wonder Woman.

Gordon-Levitt not part of `Man of Steel` sequel

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who played police officer John Blake in `The Dark Knight Rises`, says he won`t be a part of the upcoming `Man of Steel` sequel.

`Batman vs Superman` may also feature Wonder Woman

The upcoming superhero film ` Batman vs Superman` will also feature Wonder Woman, it has been revealed.

`Batman vs. Superman` fans livid over Justin Bieber`s Robin casting joke

Justin Beiber has reportedly irked fans of the upcoming `Batman vs. Superman` film, after he posted a picture on Twitter, which suggested that he had been signed up for the superhero flick .

Will Justin Bieber play new Robin in `Batman vs Superman`

Justin Bieber, by posting a script of `Batman vs Superman,` has sparked rumours that he may be joining the cast of the upcoming `Man of Steel` sequel.