Indian national found dead in Malaysia

An Indian national has been found dead in Malaysia, media reported Wednesday.

Rare cats caught on camera on Indonesia island

A rarely seen cat has been caught on camera along with four other wild feline species in a previously unsurveyed rain-forest in the world`s third largest island in Indonesia.

16 hospitalised after plane crashes in Malaysian Borneo

It also took particular exception to the fact that the resolution dealt with both female genital mutilation and the circumcision of young boys on religious grounds.

Death toll in Indonesia boat sinking climbs to 18

The death toll from a boat accident in the Indonesian part of Borneo island rose to 18 on Friday with five people still missing, a provincial governor said.

Indonesia boat sinking: 3 dead, dozens missing

Boat accidents are common in Indonesia, the world`s largest archipelago, consisting of some 17,000 islands.

Malaysia detains 79 suspects over Borneo invasion

Malaysian police detained 79 suspects linked to Filipino intruders in Borneo as they intensify an operation to flush out members of a Filipino Muslim clan who took over a village last month.

31 dead in Borneo as Malaysia rejects ceasefire

Malaysian security forces gunned down 31 Filipino intruders in Borneo on Thursday, as Malaysian Prime Minister rejected the unilateral ceasefire call.

Malaysia sends hundreds of troops to Borneo after clashes

Malaysia is sending hundreds of troops to Borneo state after 26 people, including 8 policemen, were killed in clashes with an armed group of a Filipino royal Muslim clan which is holed up in a village in Sabah.

Small plane with 4 on board missing in Indonesia

Indonesia has been plagued by transportation accidents in recent years, from plane and train crashes to ferry sinking.

Two killed in Malaysia chopper crash

Two bodies were found in a helicopter wreckage in a remote jungle in Malaysia`s eastern state of Sarawak.

`Extinct` monkey rediscovered in Bornean jungle

A monkey thought to be extinct has been rediscovered in Bornean rainforest.

Indonesia bridge collapses; 4 dead, scores missing

The sprawling concrete bridge on the remote island of Borneo was being repaired when Saturday`s accident occurred.

Asia`s smallest frog species found in Borneo

Asia`s smallest frog species has been found in the Malaysian part of Borneo island, scientists say.

`Love-dart` slug, lungless frog among new species on Borneo

Wildlife researchers said Thursday they have discovered 123 new species on Borneo island, including a lungless frog, the world`s longest insect and a slug that fires "love darts" at its mate.