Britishers don`t cook meals from scratch: survey

A recent study has revealed that one-sixth of Britishers prefer ready to make food options rather than using fresh spices and vegetables to prepare food.

Two Britishers cheated in Jaipur

Two British nationals were duped of Rs 6.8 lakh by two touts who had promised to deliver gold jewellery to them, police said.

Stiff upper lipped Brits now spend more time hugging

Far from its image as a nation with a stiff upper lip, Britons are enjoying at least 13 hugs a day.

Brits happiest and most content at 38

People in Britain are at their happiest and content with life at the age of 38, a new survey has suggested.

Brits believe computers are the most ‘irreplaceable thing’ in life

One in four Britons have said that their computer is “the most irreplaceable thing in their life”, according to a new research.

Brits want Charles not William as next king

More Britons want Charles to become UK`s next monarch than his son William.

Brits consumed by the green-eyed monster

A new survey has revealed that Brits are a people consumed by envy.

Lady Gaga is one celeb ‘Brits would hate to have as their relative’

Pop singer Lady Gaga, who is always in news for her eccentric dressing style, is one celebrity Brits would hate to have as their family member.

Sixty percent Brits enjoy sex in missionary position

It’s the simplest and the most popular positions couples enjoy in sex – the missionary.