Russia test-fires two new nuclear missiles

The missiles carry dummies rather than nuclear warheads as Russia is a signatory of the Comprehensive-Test-Ban Treaty.

Secret Russian missile fails test

The failure of the missile is also just the latest setback for Russia`s rocket forces.

Russia delays Bulava missile test launch

The test launch was delayed due to a
malfunction on the nuclear submarine supposed to fire it.

Russian military test-fires new missile

The Bulava missile was launched from the Yuri Dolgoruky submarine in the White Sea.

Russia to test launch its Bulava missile this week

Russia is planning to test launch
its troubled Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile in the White Sea by the end of this week.

New Russian missile fails again in testing: Reports

Russia`s new nuclear-capable Bulava missile has suffered a new failure in testing which was the likely source of a mysterious light that appeared over Norway, Russian newspaper reports said on Thursday.