CIA Director says Islamic State represents ''ideology of violence, '' not Islam

CIA Director John O. Brennan has cautioned against categorizing the Islamic State (IS) fighters as followers of Muslim faith by saying that they represent an "ideology of violence" and not religion.

South Korea vows to prevent `The Interview` DVD balloon launch

South Korea vowed Friday to to take steps preventing activists from sending copies of Hollywood film "The Interview" into North Korea next week, citing a "limit" to freedom of expression.

US drone strike in Pakistan kills senior TTP commander

At least three Taliban militants including a senior commander have been killed in a US drone strike in northwest Pakistan's border region with Afghanistan.

Lawyer for Pakistan doctor who helped CIA find bin Laden shot dead

A Pakistani lawyer under death threats for defending a doctor who helped CIA agents hunt al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was shot dead on Tuesday, police said, and two militant groups claimed responsibility.

Afghanistan gave CIA money to al Qaeda for diplomat's ransom: Report

About $1 million provided by the CIA to a secret Afghan government fund ended up in the hands of al Qaeda in 2010 when it was used to pay a ransom for an Afghan diplomat, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

Islamic State will not be rolled back overnight: CIA chief

Describing the dreaded Islamic State as well-armed and well-financed, America's CIA has said that the terrorist outfit will not be rolled back overnight and it will be a long-term struggle.

Obama says doesn't text, tweet, or have a smart phone that records
Obama says doesn't text, tweet, or have a smart phone that records

President Barack Obama doesn't send text messages, rarely composes his own tweets, and isn`t allowed to have a smart phone that contains a recording device, he said on Thursday.

CIA gave cops secret technology to spy on cell phones

Empowered by a technology developed by the CIA, the US Justice Department uses secret airborne devices that mimic cellphone towers to track American citizens while hunting criminal suspects, a media report has said.

CIA worked to break Apple encryption: Report

The Central Intelligence Agency has been working for years to break encryption on Apple devices, to spy on communications of iPhone and iPad users, a report said.

South Korea activists plan to send `The Interview` to North Korea

South Korean activists vowed Tuesday to sneak copies of Hollywood satire "The Interview" across the border by propaganda balloon later this month, in defiance of North Korea`s repeated threats.

CIA to undertake sweeping reforms to meet new age challenges

In order to meet 21st-century challenges like those posed by non-state actors, US' top intelligence agency CIA is set to undertake major reforms and structural changes, including setting up an exclusive university for training spies.

CIA begins reorganisation, increases cyber focus: John Brennan

The Central Intelligence Agency is starting one of the most sweeping reorganisations in its history, aimed in part at sharpening its focus on cyber operations and incorporating digital innovations into intelligence gathering, CIA director John Brennan said.

Russian ex-policeman jailed for treason over CIA spy plot

A Moscow court has jailed an ex-policeman for 15 years for high treason after he was caught placing documents under a fake rock, allegedly for the CIA, in the latest such case in Russia.

South Africa to investigate spy allegations

The South African government said today that it is investigating allegations, posted on a website, that the state ombudsman and opposition figures spied for the US.

Ex-CIA chief Petraeus to plead guilty, admits giving mistress secrets

Former CIA Director David Petraeus has agreed to plead guilty to mishandling classified information, with the retired four-star general admitting to giving eight "black books" full of such data to a military mistress who was writing his biography.

CIA tried to contact Hamas despite ban, spy cables reveal

Despite a US government ban on contact with the Hamas, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) tried to gain access to the Palestinian Islamist movement through back channels, spy cables accessed by the Al-Jazeera news channel and shared with British daily The Guardian reveal.

CIA bought chemical weapons from secret seller in Iraq: Report

 US intelligence agency CIA bought and destroyed deadly chemical weapons from a secretive Iraqi seller in 2005 and 2006 to ensure that such arms do not fall into the hands of terrorists, according to a media report.

Afghanistan could become haven for IS: Ex-CIA officer

Afghanistan is in danger of turning into a sanctuary once again for Islamist extremists as the West withdraws troops and shifts its attention elsewhere, a former senior CIA official warned Tuesday.

CIA drone strike kills al Qaeda men in Yemen

A CIA drone strike on a car in Yemen killed three men believed to be al Qaeda militants on Monday, officials said, in a sign U.S. security operations would continue despite a political crisis in the volatile Arab country.

Top spy at CIA stepping down: Agency

The head of the CIA`s secret intelligence operations plans to step down just as the spy agency weighs an unprecedented shake-up of the organization, officials said Monday.