Next moon mission in 2013-14: ISRO

India`s next moon mission, Chandrayaan II, will be launched in 2013-14, ISRO chairman K. Radhakrishnan said here Saturday.

Data from Chandrayaan moon mission to go public

Chandrayaan was the 1st mooncraft to have confirmed presence of water on moon.

Two Indians among authors of Mini-SAR`s findings

India`s Prof J N Goswami and Dr M
Chakrabarty are among the scientists from 13 agencies from the
USA and India who authored and published the Mini-SAR`s
findings in the journal, "Geophysical Research Letters".

Chandrayaan-II: ISRO receives several payload proposals

ISRO would finalise in a couple
of months the payloads from the international community to be
carried on Chandrayaan-II moon mission, the space agency`s
Chairman K Radhakrishnan said today.

Manned mission to moon soon: President

After the unmanned Chandrayaan-I,
the country wants to send a manned mission to the moon,
President Pratibha Patil said on Saturday.

No bail for NASA scientist charged with spying

A leading NASA scientist,who has been arrested on charges of spying for Israel, was denied bail after prosecutors said he was a "walking safe deposit box" of government secrets.

NASA photos show moon strike created plume

NASA`s much-hyped mission to hurl a spacecraft into the moon turned out some worthwhile data after all, scientists said.

Make efforts to find life on lunar surface: Narlikar

After the success of Chandrayaan-1, renowned astrophysicist Dr
Jayant Narlikar has said that attempts should be made to find
out whether there is life in the form of micro-organism on the
lunar surface.

India mulling deeper exploration of Moon

India is mulling exploring lunar surface deeper for water in its next odyssey.

Water on moon brings colonisation dream nearer

Discovery of water on the moon by India`s maiden lunar mission Chandrayaan-1 may bolster US space agency NASA`s long-held goal of setting up an outpost there, a US researcher says.

Water discovered on moon? – “A lot of it actually”: The Hindu

Speculation is rife among space scientists that the quest for water on the moon may have reached a climactic end with the discovery of “a lot of water” by an instrument on board Chandrayaan-I.

Chandrayaan-1 was a fantastic success: European scientist

Indian media should stop criticising the ISRO for abruptly terminating Chandrayaan-1, a European space scientist said.

ISRO, NASA experiment to look for ice on moon ended in failure

A NASA scientist has said that
his joint experiment with ISRO to look for ice in a
permanently shadowed crater near the moon`s North Pole using
Chandrayaan-I had failed.

Chandrayaan captures halo around Apollo-15 landing site

India`s maiden moon mission has captured a halo around the site where US spacecraft Apollo-15 had landed on the lunar surface nearly four decades ago.

Chandrayaan enables study interaction without magnetic field

A Chandrayaan-1 Moon mission
payload has enabled scientists to study the interaction
between the solar wind and a planetary body like Moon without
a magnetic field, a meeting convened by ISRO was told.

Space scientists laud India`s moon mission data

Top international space scientists Monday lauded India`s maiden lunar mission for the excellent quality of the data sent by Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft, a senior space agency official said.

Heat failed Chandrayaan; review today

India’s first Moon mission became casualty of unforeseen high temperatures.

Chandrayaan confirms moon was once molten

Chandrayaan`s moon mineralogy mapper has confirmed that the moon was once completely molten.

US scientist`s flip-flop on Chandrayaan

Three days after the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) admitted the abrupt end of its Chandrayaan-1 mission, a leading US-based scientist associated with the project Wednesday termed it "a complete success".

Moon mission formally called off

ISRO chief Madhavan Nair has formally called off the Chandrayaan-I mission.

"Pretty difficult" situation: ISRO chief

ISRO chief Madhavan Nair on Saturday
virtually admitted that the Chandrayaan-I moon mission could
be over, saying it is a "pretty difficult" situation.


ISRO lost radio contact with India`s first lunarcraft Chandrayaan-1 early Saturday.

India opens world’s first space tech institute

Noting that India`s space
programme faces several challenges, Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh today said the Space Vision 2025 should reflect how the
country could more effectively harness space technology for

India may use N-energy to power Chandrayan II: ISRO

India plans to power some parts of
the Chandrayaan II with nuclear energy and the feasibility studies are being
carried out by Indian Space Research Organisation and Bhabha
Atomic Research Centre.

Chandrayaan sends exclusive pics of total eclipse

India’s first lunar mission Chandrayaan-1 has captured the shadow of the moon on the earth’s surface during the July 22 total solar eclipse, an Indian space agency official said Tuesday.

Chandrayaan completes 100 days in lunar orbit

India`s maiden unmanned Moon mission Chandrayaan-I completes 100 days tomorrow.

`Chandrayaan symbolic of future`

The success of country`s maiden Moon mission is symbolic of what India could be in future.

NASA`s Chandrayaan payload finds iron-bearing minerals on moon

An experiment onboard India`s
maiden moon mission -- Chandrayaan-I -- has found iron-bearing
minerals in abundance on the lunar surface, initial reports

Chandrayaan-1 inaugurates 3-D moon image

ISRO’s Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft has inaugurated 3-D imaging of the moon, revealing new information about the lunar surface.

Moon mission: ISRO, RSA join hands

ISRO and RSA have joined hands to share critical equipment for the Indian Man Mission to the Moon.