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Robert Pattinson lives in Kristen Stewart`s home?

Actor Robert Pattinson is reportedly living in his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart`s home so he can spend time with their dogs, Bear and Bernie.

Robert Pattinson bagged `Cosmopolis` for his 'charisma'

Robert Pattinson bagged the lead role in ‘Cosmopolis’ because of his ‘charismatic’ behaviour.

R-Patz jumps into bed with Patricia McKenzie in Cosmopolis

Robert Pattinson, whose girlfriend Kristen Stewart cheated on him with married director Rupert Sanders, was seen jumping into bed with someone else.

Robert Pattinson feels `Cosmopolis` has positive elements

Robert Pattinson`s forthcoming film ‘Cosmopolis’ deals with a futuristic New York going through decline in capitalism. The actor admits that the topic is depressing, but feels there`s a positive side to the movie.

Pattinson, Mortensen would be great together: Cronenberg

Canadian David Cronenberg wants to cast Robert Pattinson and Viggo Mortensen in a film together because he imagines they would have great on-screen chemistry.

Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson doesn’t mind sex scenes

Robert, who shares sex scenes with McKenzie in new film ‘Cosmopolis’, has revealed that he is just as happy to bare his body as his fangs.

Knightely to play Pattinson`s love interest in `Cosmopolis`

Kiera Knightely has been roped in to play the love interest of Robert Pattinson in their new film "Cosmopolis".

Robert Pattinson bags lead role in David Cronenberg’s ‘Cosmopolis’

Robert Pattinson has bagged the lead role in David Cronenberg thriller ‘Cosmopolis’.