Vatican Dialogue Council wishes Hindus joyous Diwali

"Human ecology points to the relationship and responsibility which humans have towards the earth and to the cultivation of ecological virtues," Vatican Radio reported, citing the statement.

Diwali: TV actors share childhood memories

Diwali: TV actors share childhood memories

For television actors like Shivin Narang and Shashank Vyas, Diwali does not only mean decking up their house with lights, flowers or making elaborate rangolis. It makes them nostalgic and gives them a reason to look back at their childhood memories associated with the festival of lights.

Another Diwali away from home!

With the crème de la crème of Indian festivals — Diwali — just around the corner, I can only but feel a sense of alienation as I see everyone around me hatching plans with their family for the celebration of light.

Symbols of Diwali

The Festival of lights is just round the corner and it would be interesting to learn about the significance of symbols related to Diwali so that the auspicious occasion is celebrated with the right spirit.

Diwali dressing: Keep safety in mind

Indulge in your sartorial style this Diwali, but keep safety in mind.

Diwali Bazaar to stay exclusive to Delhi

The Blind Relief Association`s Diwali Bazaar, being held here for nearly 30 years, gets overwhelming response from craftsmen as well as patrons every time, but the organisers say they do not have any plans to take it to other cities.

Diwali: Significance of a Diya

A diya or an earthen lamp is synonymous to the festival of Deepavali or Diwali.