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Meeting Madonna was surreal: Sean Penn's daughter

Meeting Madonna was surreal: Sean Penn's daughter

Hollywood star Sean Penn's daughter Dylan says meeting her father's ex wife Madonna "was kind of surreal."

Bob Dylan plays gig for one fan

Bob Dylan plays gig for one fan

Singer Bob Dylan performed a gig to just one fan of his at a special show at Philadelphia's Academy of Music.

Charlize Theron, Sean Penn to adopt?

Hollywood star couple Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are reportedly planning to adopt.

Michael Douglas`s teenage son wants to join showbiz

Michael Douglas says his teenage son Dylan no longer thinks that he needs to go to school because of his acting aspirations.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Douglas to re-unite for Thanksgiving

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and actor Michael Douglas will reportedly meet each and spend some family time during Thanksgiving.

Robert Pattinson dating Sean Penn`s daughter?

Robert Pattinson is reportedly dating Sean Penn`s model daughter Dylan.

Michael Douglas wants to celebrate b`day with Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Douglas is keen to celebrate his birthday with his estranged actress wife Catherine Zeta-Jones as he hopes to work out their differences.

As Dylan`s birthday dawns, Indian rockstar-fan pays tribute

Bob Dylan turns 70 Tuesday and one of his biggest fans in India, rockstar Lou Majaw, wants Meghalaya to declare it a holiday.

Jagger, Dylan to perform at Grammys

Gaga, Katy and Bieber are also among the performers at the show.

Dylan`s paintings to go under hammer

Paintings by Hendrix & Dylan are set to go under the hammer at an auction.