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Climate change could alter key ocean bacteria : Study

Climate change could put a type of oceanic bacteria into evolutionary overdrive in a way that could pose a threat to its long-term survivability and its important role in the food chain, according to a study published on Tuesday.

Lack of food safety killing 2.2 million every year: Experts

Lack of government policies on food and water safety is causing the death of 2.2 million people, including children, every year across the globe, health experts said on Sunday.

Know how cadmium causes toxicity

 A new research has uncovered how the metal cadmium, which is accumulating in the food chain, causes toxicity in living cells.

Research uncovers basis for cadmium toxicity

A new research in Australia has uncovered how the metal cadmium which is accumulating in food chain causes toxicity in living cells.

Burger King to buy Tim Hortons for $11 billion

Burger King said Tuesday it had agreed to buy Canadian rival Tim Hortons in an $11 billion deal that will create the world`s third-largest fast-food chain.

Food chain Zizo plans to open 40 outlets in India over 5 years

Lebanese food chain Zizo is planning to open 40 outlets in India over the next five years, with an investment of Rs 60 crore.

Greenhouse gas `altering` ocean food chain

Increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere could be weeding out the bacteria that form the base of the ocean`s food chain and selecting certain strains for survival, a new study has suggested.

Plastic from synthetic clothes threaten food chain

Microscopic plastic debris that are released from washing synthetic clothes are accumulating in the marine environment.

Loss of large predators hits ecosystem

Large animals shaped the structure and dynamics of ecosystems.

Radioactivity leaking from Japan could contaminate food chain

Exposure to radioactivity has the potential to cause various cancers.

`Declining algae threatens ocean food chain`

The algae in the oceans has declined over the last century which threatens ocean food chain.

Anti-depressants in sea water could upset food chain

Rising levels of anti-depressants in sea water could upset the vital food chain.