`Apple begins test production of iTV in China`

Apple has reportedly secretly begun testing its much-awaited ``iTV`` in China, and is expected to unveil it before Christmas this year.

Sweat-free iPads come at a price worth paying

Apple (AAPL.O) scores points for pushing to improve conditions for workers in China churning out its iPhones and iPads.

Apple ponders cash, caves on board-vote proposal

Apple Inc on Thursday adopted a measure long desired by investors and corporate governance activists.

Robots to replace human labour in China

Technology firm Foxconn will employ one million robots to replace human labour in China in the next three years.

Foxconn India plant shut down following toxic gas leak

Mobile phone accessory maker Foxconn India`s plant at Sunguvarchatram has been shut down following a gas leak late Friday.

Foxconn suicide probe to be made public

Critics claim long hours, harsh management methods were behind the suicides.