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How Facebook profile picture landed fugitive in jail

How Facebook profile picture landed fugitive in jail

The police in Florida, the US, have arrested a fugitive by tracking him on Facebook where he had put his "Wanted" poster as profile picture.

Fugitive captured in Mexico after 19 years on the run

A man who police say fled prosecution 19 years ago for sexual assault crimes has been captured by authorities in Mexico

Bahrain foils attempt to smuggle terror suspects via boat

Bahrain authorities in the past have seized weapons shipments which they claim were sent by Iran to create instability in the Gulf.

Italy cracks Mafia sheep code to arrest Godfather`s henchmen

Italian police on Monday arrested 11 suspects linked to the fugitive head of the Sicilian Mafia, including a former boss who ran a secret message system for the mobster using a sheep-based code.

Chinese fugitive arrested after posting holiday selfies

Chinese police have captured a fugitive who revealed his whereabouts by posting holiday selfies on social media.

Argentine court says US fugitive can be extradited

Argentina's Supreme Court has ruled that an American who took refuge and started a new life in the South American country can be extradited to face charges that he killed his wife over a decade ago, a court spokeswoman confirmed on Saturday.

Court dismisses bail plea of fugitive criminal wanted in USA

A fugitive criminal, who is wanted in the US to face trial in a case relating to unlawful export of drugs through Mexico, has been denied bail by a Delhi court which said that allegations levelled against him were grave.

Court orders freezing of terror funds of JK operative

In perhaps first such action against terror funds channelled into the country, a special anti-money laundering court here has ordered freezing of Rs 55 lakh cash of fugitive terrorist Nasir Safi Mir, who is said to be the financial brain behind terror and separatist groups in Jammu and Kashmir.

South African police arrest cannibalism suspect

Police in South Africa said that they have arrested a fugitive from neighboring Lesotho who had escaped from a prison where he was awaiting trial after allegedly confessing to cannibalism and two murders in 2012.

Last fugitive of Xinjiang attack captured in China

Stepping up security in the ethnically-divided Xinjiang province, Chinese police on Sunday said they arrested the "only rioter at large" after a series of violent clashes killed at least 35 people.

Snowden case: US accuses Hong Kong of acting in bad faith

United States accused Hong Kong`s government of acting in bad faith over US fugitive Edward Snowden and warned of repercussions, angrily rejecting city`s defence that it did everything by the book.

Venezuela`s Maduro reiterates Snowden asylum offer

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has reiterated his offer to grant asylum to fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden, whom he praised as a "brave youth."

`Fugitive wanted for murder was also held in drugs caee`

Notorious fugitive Ranjit Tuenkar, who is currently on the run allegedly after killing a young girl, was earlier arrested in connection with a drug offence, the state Legislative Assembly was told Tuesday.

Fugitive ex-LA cop charged with murder of officer

A fugitive ex-Los Angeles police officer with a USD 1 million reward on his head was charged with murdering a police officer and special circumstances that could bring the death penalty.

Egypt arrests fugitive linked to Red Sea bombings

Egyptian security officials said they arrested an escaped convict who was sentenced to life in prison for his role in bombings killing 125 people.

Nepalese fugitive caught near Indian border

Kashiram Gurung, a fugitive living in India under a false identity after swindling millions of rupees in Nepal, was arrested by the Nepalese police near the Indian border.

Fugitive former lawmaker returns to Indonesia

Muhammad Nazaruddin, the governing Democratic Party`s former treasurer, was captured last week in Colombia after fleeing Indonesia three months ago.

`Indonesia fugitive extradited from Colombia`

The scandal has the potential to entangle other senior
members of the President`s party.

China`s fugitive arrested after extradition

Beijing has sought the deportation of Lai Changxing, accusing him of running a smuggling operation.

Canada blocks release of China`s most wanted man

China seeks the extradition of Lai Changxing, accused of running a smuggling operation in China.