Gaia probe finds its 'first ever' supernova
Gaia probe finds its 'first ever' supernova

Gaia has recently discovered its first ever stellar explosion in another galaxy while scanning the space.

ESA`s billion star-hunter telescope enters orbit

Europe`s billion-star hunting telescope has successfully entered its operational orbit to gather data for the most accurate 3D map yet of our Milky Way galaxy, the European Space Agency (ESA) said.

Gaia satellite set for launch to map billions of stars in the Milky Way

European Space Agency on Thursday will launch its Gaia mission which will provide a three-dimensional picture of our galaxy, measuring appropriate positions and distances of more than a billion stars.

Gaia’s camera to snap 3-D shots of Milky Way

In order to detect distant stars up to a million times fainter than the eye can see, Gaia will carry 106 charge coupled devices (CCDs), advanced versions of chips within standard digital cameras.