Jupiter`s Moon shaped same way as Earth`s surface: Study

A new laboratory model suggested that the ridges and troughs shaped on the surface of Jupiter`s icy moon Ganymede were formed the same way as Earth`s tectonic process.

Jupiter`s moon Ganymede may have `club sandwich` of ice and oceans

Researchers have revealed that the largest moon in our solar system, a companion to Jupiter named Ganymede, may have ice and oceans stacked up in several layers like a club sandwich.

Researchers map in detail Ganymede, largest moon in the solar system

The US Geological Survey has completed the first global geological map of Ganymede, Jupiter`s largest moon and also the largest moon in the solar system.

Jupiter moon lander project to get first funding in 2014

Russia`s Jupiter research project, which includes a lander mission to its moon Ganymede, will receive its first funding next year, a space agency official said.

Jupiter`s moons may hold clues for life beyond Earth

Europa, Callisto and Jupiter`s largest moon, Ganymede, are all believed to have liquid oceans beneath their icy shells.