Great Oxidation Event

Earth breathed first 3 billion years ago!

It was generally believed that cyanobacteria, the blue-green algae, that evolved photosynthesis appeared 2.5 billion years ago when the `Great Oxidation Event` (a spike in oxygen levels) happened.

Mar 24, 2014, 23:44 PM IST

Oxygen may have first accumulated on Earth 3 bln years ago

Oxygen production by photosynthetic cyanobacteria may have initiated as early as three billion years ago, much earlier than previously thought, scientists say.

Feb 20, 2014, 17:48 PM IST

Oxygen levels on Earth did go up & down: Study

Great Oxidation Event has obvious implications for the origins and evolution of the first forms of eukaryotic life.

Oct 24, 2012, 16:32 PM IST