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UK MP criticises actress who campaigned for Gurkhas

A British MP has criticised actress Joanna Lumley, who campaigned for rights of the Gurkhas, for failing to visit his constituency since Gurkhas who retired before 1997, won the right to settle.

Prince Harry prefers to eat with hands since stint with Gurkhas!

Prince Charles has joked that his son Prince Harry has terrible table manners and cannot even use a knife and fork.

Gurkhas to lose jobs in UK Army

Defence minister said the govt
had no choice but to axe the posts as part of the Strategic
Defence and Security Review.

Gurkhas lose legal battle over UK army pensions

Nepalese Gurkha veterans, who had served the British Army and retired before 1997, lost the latest round of their court battle with the Ministry of
Defence to claim the same pensions as their British comrades.

Gurkhas lose major pensions case in UK court

Former Gurkha soldiers in the UK
armed forces have lost a major legal battle that sought parity
in pension rights with their British counterparts, a verdict
described as a "shattering blow" by the ex-war veterans from