I don't hate Khloe Kardashian: Amber Rose

I don't hate Khloe Kardashian: Amber Rose

Model Amber Rose claims she has no ill feelings for reality TV star Khloe Kardashian despite their recent Twitter feud.

I was worried girls would hate me after 'Mardaani': Tahir Raj Bhasin

I was worried girls would hate me after 'Mardaani': Tahir Raj Bhasin


New Delhi: Newcomer Tahir Raj Bhasin says his biggest worry while doing 'Mardaani' was that girls were going to hate him for his portrayal of man running a women trafficking gang.

Adam Levine goes blonde

Singer Adam Levine has dyed his hair blonde and he shared his new look on Twitter.

Jessie J denies ever lying about her sexuality

Jessie J has denied that she ever lied about her sexuality in a lengthy Twitter post where the singer reverted to the "hate" she received from her fans after she said that dating girls was a "phase".

Sikh children face `Bin Laden` or `terrorist` abuse in US

More than half of Sikh children in US schools endure bullying with over two-thirds of turbaned Sikh children among its worst victims, according to a new national report.

Adam Levine and I don`t hate each other, says Christina Aguilera

Singer Christina Aguilera has reportedly come clean about her turbulent relationship with Adam Levine, her co-judge on ` The Voice`, saying that she and the Maroon 5 singer do not hate each other.

Kate Moss hates being regarded as `bad influence`

Kate Moss apparently got furious when her DJ friend, Nick Grimshaw, publicly revealed to a newspaper that she had told him to do his BBC Radio 1 radio show with a hangover.

Bono understands why people hate him

Bono has admitted that he knows the reasons behind his and his band’s unpopularity, insisting that the same things make them interesting and appealing to others.

Charlize Theron hates watching her own films

Charlize Theron enjoyed watching her Oscar winning performance of a serial killer in the 2003 film `Monster`, reported a website. But she says she hates watching her own films.

Australian military embroiled in gay-hate claims

ADF has allowed persons who are gay or lesbian to serve openly since 1992.

Ten things women hate about men

Your man knows very well how to get on your nerves, isn’t it?

Ten things women hate about men

Learn about thetop ten things that women hate about men.

Indonesia police guard churches amid wave of hate

Indonesian police stood guard churches after a wave of religious hate crimes swept across the mainly Muslim country.

It’s official! Men really do hate shopping

Men really are hopeless, and stingy, when it comes to Christmas shopping.

Speed Hating - the latest fad to hate dating

If you are bored of regular dating then you would love Speed Hating.