Herman Cain out of US presidential race

Ex pizza magnate Herman Cain dropped out of the presidential race on Saturday after accusations of sexual misconduct.

US candidate Cain set for `major announcement`

Republican presidential
candidate Herman Cain is making a "major announcement" on Saturday
on whether he will abandon his shaken campaign after a woman`s
allegation of an extramarital affair.

Cain accuser stands by claim of longtime affair

Ginger White says she
had a "very casual affair" with Herman Cain and says she
doesn`t think he should be president.

Affair claim shakes Cain presidential bid

Herman Cain`s campaign has already been hurt by a rash of sexual harassment allegations.

Herman Cain suggests Taliban running Libya

Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, has spent the week trying to calm jitters about his foreign policy.

US: Cain gets back to campaigning amid scandal

Republican Herman Cain drew large and enthusiastic crowds while campaigning in Michigan.

US: Defiant Cain says he won`t drop out of GOP race

Cain flashed defiance one day after a woman publicly accused the candidate of groping her more than a decade ago.

Woman accuses Cain of bold sexual advance

Leaving little to the imagination, a Chicago-area woman accused Herman Cain of making a crude sexual advance.

Cain accuser stands by allegation; he ducks issue

Cain cut off reporters who asked about
harassment allegations and suggested journalists were behaving unethically.

Herman Cain made "unwanted advances": Accuser

Herman Cain`s problems have been at the centre of attention in the race to choose a Republican nominee for 2012 polls.

Cain scandal deepens as 3rd woman comes forward

A third woman considered filing a workplace complaint against Herman Cain over what she deemed unwanted behaviour.

Was falsely accused of sexual harassment: Cain

A leading Republican candidate
for the 2012 US Presidential poll has said that he was being "falsely accused" of sexual harassment.

Cain says he was `falsely accused` of harassment

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said on Monday he was "falsely accused" of sexual harassment.

‘Republican Cain accused of sexual harassment’

Two women employees complained of sexually suggestive behaviour by Republican presidential contender Herman Cain, Politico said on Sunday.

Cain says he wouldn`t hesitate to defend Israel

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain says he wouldn`t hesitate to attack Iran if it attacks Israel first.