Ian Mckellen surprises `Hobbit` fans at cinema

Ian Mckellen brought some magic to a midnight screening of `The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug` by making a special appearance in front of stunned fans.

Ed Sheeran sings for `Hobbit` movie

Singer Ed Sheeran has announced his first solo song in over two years, taken from the new `Hobbit movie Desolation of Smaug`.

Elijah Wood`s horror film `Maniac` banned in New Zealand

A horror film, starring Hobbit actor Elijah Wood, has been banned in New Zealand due to its `graphic violence` and `content that may disturb`.

`Hobbit` sized Homo species had face like humans

Formally called Homo floresiensis, the species of three-foot-tall early humans likely vanished from Flores, and history, about 12,000 years ago.

Early human species `hobbit` may have shrunk due to island dwarfism

A study of the remains of the creature nicknamed the "hobbit" shows that there may have been a dwarf version of an early human species.

Peter Jackson gives fans sneak peek into next Hobbit movie

Peter Jackson connected to his numerous fans via a live session to host the first look of `The Desolation of Smaug`, the second movie in the Hobbit franchise, releasing this December.

`Hobbit` to in billion dollar club by March

`Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey` is on its way to join the billion dollar club by March this year.

Iconic `Hobbit` shire inn now opens to public

The famous shire inn, which was used in filming for the latest Hobbit film, has expanded its visitors from curious Hobbits and opened up to the public.

JRR Tolkien’s daughter sues `Hobbit` producers over online games

JRR Tolkien’s only daughter has filed an 80 million dollar lawsuit against the producers of upcoming film series ‘The Hobbit,’ accusing them of exploiting the characters of Middle Earth to promote online gambling.

`Hobbit` premiere party to be bigger than `Lord of the Rings`

A party bigger than ‘Return of the King’ premiere, is being planned for ‘The Hobbit’.

Hobbit movie to be a trilogy

Peter Jackson has confirmed that the `Hobbit` film project will be extended to a trilogy.

Peter Jackson in talks over third `Hobbit` film

Peter Jackson is planning to divide ‘The Hobbit: There and Back Again’ in two separate films.

‘Hobbit’ casting call cut short after too many ‘elves’ turn up

A casting call for the movie “Hobbit” shut down early and police had to be called in after far too many people turned up for the role of extras in the movie.

`Hobbit’ films get official titles, release dates

Peter Jackson’s two upcoming movies based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s ‘The Hobbit’ have finally been given official titles and release dates.

Titles for new Hobbit’ movies get thumbs up from fans

The prospective titles of the two new ‘Hobbit’ movies have been announced, according to web reports.

Orlando Bloom to earn more than a million dollars for ‘Hobbit’ cameo

Orlando Bloom will receive more than a million dollars for a two-minute cameo in an upcoming flick ‘The Hobbit’.

Racism row over Brit Pak woman being `too brown` to play Hobbit

A racism row started on New Zealand film director Peter Jackson`s `The Hobbit` after a British Pakistani woman was told she was not white enough to play a Hobbit.

Hobbit movie will be filmed in New Zealand despite row, says Andy Serkis

Amid the controversy surrounding ‘The Hobbit’ movie, ‘Gollum’ actor Andy Serkis has said that he’s sure the film will be shot in New Zealand.

‘Hobbit’ team seeks short actors

Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson’s Wingnut Films has announced in New Zealand it is looking for people with diminutive structure to appear in ‘The Hobbit’.