Russian TV warned over `end of world` hype

A group of Russian politicians have urged national TV networks to show restraint in broadcasting material suggesting the end of the world is nigh.

Media hyping up attacks on Indians: Krishna

Now, SM Krishna has accused the media of hyping up the incidents of attacks on Indian in Australia.

The Oscars of art house movies - Independent Spirit Awards 2003

Los Angeles, Mar 23: In a star-studded luncheon at the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California, the arthouse movie industry's version of the Oscars, celebrities blasted U.S. President George W. Bush and the American-led war against Iraq.

LAPD feels Oscars the safest place in America on Sunday night

Los Angeles, Mar 23: Hollywood is forging ahead with final preparations for the 75th annual Academy Awards, the traditional high point of the film year that is fighting not to become a casualty of war with Iraq.

Mexico at the crest of Latin wave at Oscars

Los Angeles, Mar 23: As preparations for the Academy Awards reach a fever pitch, some well-known Mexican actors and directors are getting their moment in the spotlight. The talent behind the smash hit 'The Crime of Father Amaro' spoke to Reuters about their excitement at being recognized, other films nominated and about their own controversial picture.

Postponement of Oscars out of the question

Hollywood, Mar 22: The Oscars will go ahead this weekend, despite fears that Hollywood's big night may be derailed by war as US-led forces unleash a ferocious new phase in the war in Iraq, organisers have said.

Big stars decline to participate in Oscar revelry

Los Angeles, Mar 22: Regardless of the war in Iraq, Academy Award organizers in Hollywood, California say the "show must go on" as plans to air the Oscars on Sunday, March 23 continue barring any last minute decisions by ABC television network to postpone the show.

Latin community waits to exhale at 75th Oscar

California, Mar 22: The 75th anniversary of the Academy Awards scheduled for Sunday (March 23) celebrates excellence in the arts and for the first time in Oscar history, recognizes ten (10) nominations for Latino/Hispanic artists and movies.

Jolie’s Oscar outfit nicked from designer’s car

London, Mar 21: Actress Angelina Jolie was left frockless for Sunday's Academy Awards after the gown she planned to wear was stolen from the car of British designer Scott Henshall in central London.

Suspense intensifies as Best Actress race approaches climax

California, Mar 21: With less than a week to go until the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, the race is heating up for the title of best actress. This year's nominees are Salma Hayek for "Frida," Nicole Kidman for "The Hours," Diane Lane for "Unfaithful," Julianne Moore for "Far From Heaven," and Renee Zellweger for "Chicago."

Oscar preparations in full swing despite war

Los Angeles, Mar 21: Despite the outbreak of hostilities in the Middle East, organizers at the Academy Awards are continuing to prepare for this Sunday's Oscars event. Craftsmen and producers were busy at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on Thursday (March 20, 2003) as they put finishing touches on stage decorations and conducted technical rehearsals.

War casts a shadow of gloom over Oscar night

Los Angeles, Mar 20: The winds of war with Iraq have blown away some of the glamour of the Oscars red carpet, setting the stage for a night of sombre sartorial splendour instead of Hollywood's traditional night of fashion glitz.

Speculations rife for Best Picture as Oscar race heats up

Los Angeles, Mar 20: With the Academy Awards in Los Angeles just days away, the race is heating up for the title of best motion picture. This year`s nominees are

Japan movie industry awaits Oscars with bated breath

Tokyo, Mar 20: As the clock ticks down to the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, Japan's movie moguls are hoping that an animated film will be the first full-length work to bring an Oscar home in nearly half a century.

Oscars scrap red carpet plan for awards

Los Angeles, Mar 19: Academy Awards officials have said that Sunday's Oscars presentation show will go on but they have canceled the ''red carpet'' entrance of the stars because of the looming war with Iraq.

Kidman keeps her cool even as her countrymen don’t

Canberra, Mar 19: As Oscar fever grips Australia, Nicole Kidman is refusing to be swept away by expectation that she will be the first Australian to win the coveted Academy Award for best female actress.

Nicholson at the forefront of Best Actor race

Beverly Hills, Mar 19: With less than two weeks to go until the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, the race is heating up for the title of best actor. This year's nominees are Daniel Day-Lewis, Jack Nicholson, Adrien Brody, Michael Caine and Nicolas Cage.

Oscars to tone down on glitz in shadow of Iraq war

Los Angeles, Mar 19: Oscar organizers officially stuck to the "show must go on" script on Tuesday (March 18, 2003) but announced that they will modify Sunday's Academy Awards program to reduce the traditional emphasis on style and glamour. Meanwhile, industry watchers and ordinary Americans reflected on the wisdom of staging a glitzy awards show, even as the nation stands on the brink of war.

Oscars to keep schedule while organisers glued to news

Los Angeles, Mar 19: Oscar organizers have officially stuck to the ''show must go on'' script for Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony but were glued to TV news broadcasts on the brink of a war that could spoil or delay Hollywood's biggest annual party.

Salma sums up her odds of an Oscar win

Mexico City, Mar 18: Oscar-nominated actress Salma Hayek took her film "Frida" home to her native Mexico for a massive free show in the capital, Mexico City. As the first mexican to be nominated for an Academy Award, she commented on her chances of winning the Oscar.

Controversy dogs Best Foreign Language Film category

Beverly Hills, Mar 18: With less than two weeks to go until the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, the race is heating up for the title of best foreign language film. This year's nominees are 'The Crime of Father Amaro' from Mexico, 'Hero' from The People's Republic of China, 'The Man Without a Past' from Finland, 'Nowhere in Africa' from Germany, and 'Zus and Zo' from The Netherlands.

Oscar fever rules the box office

Hollywood, Mar 18: "Bringing Down the House," starring Oscar nominee Queen Latifah, was the No. 1 movie for the second successive weekend at the North American box office. The on-screen comic pairing of Steve Martin and Latifah is intended as a satire of racism in America. "House" seemed to benefit from the Oscar buzz generated by Latifah's best supporting actress nomination for her work in "Chicago."

Oscar organisers scoff reports of possible delay due to war

Hollywood, Mar 18: Organisers of the Academy Awards dismissed speculation in Hollywood that this year's Oscars ceremony could be delayed due to imminent war with Iraq.

Iraq war threatens to eclipse Oscar race in its final lap

Hollywood, Mar 16: Even Oscar night has a "Plan B," should the threat of a war with Iraq eclipse the presentation of Hollywood's top honours, only a week away.

Rare warning from Oscar officials over Miramax campaign

Los Angeles, Mar 15: Oscars organisers have issued a rare public rebuke to studios to keep it clean after the re-emergence of alleged dirty tactics in the frenzied campaigns to win gold at this year`s Academy Awards.

Spain courts controversy, while Mexico rides an Oscar high

Los Angeles, Mar 15: The Chinese entry is full of mystical martial arts while Mexico provides priests and a young virgin (not for long). Meanwhile, the Dutch candidate features three sisters trying to prevent their gay brother from marrying.

Race for Best Supporting Actor promises exciting finish

Los Angeles, Mar 14: With less than two weeks to go until the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, the race is heating up for the title of best supporting actor. This year's nominees are Christopher Walken, Paul Newman, John C. Reilly, Ed Harris, and Chris Cooper.

Oscar race hotting up into cliffhanger for Kidman and Zellweger

Los Angeles, Mar 13: Nicole did it by hiding herself behind a false nose and a dowdy hairdo. Renee got there by showing off her legs plus her previously unknown talents as a singer and dancer.

Iraq war doubts quelled at annual Oscar nominees’ lunch

Hollywood, Mar 12: War with Iraq or no war, the Oscars show will go on, organisers have vowed, as they brought together the class of 2002 for the annual nominees' lunch and delivered the traditional and often ignored warning about keeping acceptance speeches short and sweet.

‘Chicago’ most likely to grab top honour at Oscars

Los Angeles, Mar 12: You might say, ''He had it coming.'' Rob Marshall, director and choreographer of movie musical ''Chicago'' has had it coming ever since he was 15 years-old and danced to the Broadway show's tunes in his home.