Everything is normal: France on Rafale deal

Putting a brave face despite the multi-billion dollar Rafale fighter jet contract flowing into rough weather, France on Wednesday claimed that everything is going "normal".

India's decision on insurance pool: France's cautious approach

France on Wednesday took a cautious approach to India's decision to set up a Rs 1500 crore insurance pool to offset nuclear liability of foreign suppliers, saying it would wait for the details to come out and then assess whether it "fits to our requirements".

Government told to bring Facebook, Twitter under Indian law

A recommendation was made to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday for bringing foreign content-provider like Facebook and Twitter under Indian laws like in other countries.

Indian law does not recognise causes behind perjury: Delhi HC

While dwelling upon the offence of perjury and its adverse impact on the criminal justice system, the Delhi HC said Indian law does not take into account the causes for this "malaise" which has plagued prosecutions.

Need law against Maoist kidnappings: Congress

A law must be enacted to prevent kidnappings such as that of the Chhattisgarh Collector Alex Paul Menon by Maoists, Congress` Rashid Alvi said.

New law to check terror related communication

The law will make it mandatory for Internet service providers to share real time information with intelligence and security agencies.

`Hostage swap attempt points to lack of specific Indian law`

Tanker MT Asphalt Venture with a crew, including 15 Indians was hijacked en route to Durban (South Africa) from Mombasa (Kenya) by Somali pirates on September 28 last year.

Coming soon – a law to guarantee govt services: The Indian Express

In what is being billed as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s next big move after Right to Information, the PMO has decided to implement the concept of service-level agreements.