Google replaces 'annoying' CAPTCHAs with single click feature
Google replaces 'annoying' CAPTCHAs with single click feature

Internet search giant Google is reportedly doing away with the annoying 'CAPTCHA' that forced users to confirm they are humans by typing in barely legible words and numbers.

Google collaborates with UC Santa Barbara for quantum computing
Google collaborates with UC Santa Barbara for quantum computing

Google Inc on Tuesday unveiled a hardware initiative to develop and build processors for its new quantum computing systems based on superconducting electronics.

Max Mosley sues Google over `sex party` images

Former Formula One boss, Max Mosley, has launched a legal action against Google in the UK for continuing to publish images of him at a sex party.

Google can predict market crashes

By looking at specific topics people search for on internet, Google can tell you if the stock market is headed for a crash or not.

Internet influencing real estate decisions worth $43bn: Google

As more Indians log online to seek information before entering into property deals, Internet today is estimated to be influencing decisions worth about USD 43 billion, search engine giant Google said.

Google may show ads on refrigerators, car dashboards

In a move to expand its ever growing revenue, Internet search giant Google is reportedly planning to add advertisements on consumer devices such as refrigerators, glasses, watches, car dashboards and even thermostats.

Law firm claims Google monopolised US internet & mobile search

A US-based consumer rights class action law firm, Hagens Berman, has alleged that search engine giant Google has "illegally monopolised" and "financially stagnated" the US market for internet and mobile search.

Google updates Hangouts App, combines text and chat messages

Internet giant Google has updated its Hangouts App for Android, eliminating a major complaint by its users.

Gmail may get new features, screenshots leaked

Gmail, that recently turned 10 this week may be on the verge of getting a new version, according to the leaked android screenshots.

Competition Commission slaps Rs 1 crore fine on Google

The Competition Commission has imposed a Rs 1 crore penalty on Google for failing to provide information related to an investigation into the Internet major`s alleged unfair trade practices in India.

Google marks Holi festival with a colourful doodle

Even as the nation celebrates the festival of colours- Holi, on Monday, March 17, Internet search giant Google has also joined the celebration by adding an interesting doodle on its India homepage.

Google launches Search Appliance Update

Google has reportedly launched a software update to Google Search Appliance (version 7.2) that would allow companies to manage how unstructured content is indexed while giving users access to new search features.

Google launches new toolset to port Chrome apps to Android and iOS

Internet search giant Google has reportedly launched a toolset, which will help developers port their apps from Chrome desktop browser to iOS and Android.

Google search box makes `ultimate calculator`

The Google search bar is also an ultimate calculator, which is the last thing a user might resort to when struggling with numbers.

Google`s online shopping extravaganza attracts 2 mn visitors

Google`s annual online shopping event `GOSF` attracted 2 million visitors this year as people thronged e-commerce sites to check out deals on electronics, shoes, watches and travel.

Google may implement balloon Internet project in India

Internet search giant Google may implement its prestigious `Project Loon`, which is a balloon-mounted Internet access service, in various countries including India.