Jon Bon Jovi`s wife rushed to hospi after slicing her hand while chopping veggies

Jon Bon Jovi`s wife Dorothea Hurley was rushed to the emergency room in New York City on Saturday after she suffered a nasty injury while preparing a family meal.

Prince William performs with Jon Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift

Prince William collaborated with Jon Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift to treat guests at an event with an impromptu acoustic performance of `Living on a Prayer`.

Jon Bon Jovi walks fan down the aisle

Bon Jovi singer Jon Bon Jovi walked a fan down the aisle at her wedding in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Bon Jovi donates $1m to Hurricane Sandy relief fund

Jon Bon Jovi announced on Monday that he has donated 1 million dollars to the Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund.

Richie Sambora blames Jon Bon Jovi for Bon Jovi`s fall out?

Richie Sambora has blamed singer Jon Bon Jovi for the fallout of band Bon Jovi.

Don`t burn out guys, says Jon Bon Jovi

After 30 years in the music business, Jon Bon Jovi has seen plenty of bands come and go and he knows all too well the pressure that young stars like One Direction or Justin Bieber endure.

Jon Bon Jovi warns Justin Bieber - Don`t disrespect fans

Jon Bon Jovi has warned Justin Bieber that he will risk losing fans if he continues to turn up late for concerts.

Daughter`s heroin overdose was a terrible lesson: Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi has revealed that it was a worst moment for him when his daughter confessed that she had survived a heroin overdose.

Jon Bon Jovi recalls horror over daughter`s drug overdose

Jon Bon Jovi has revealed that it was the worst moment in his life as a father, when his teenage daughter Stephanie called him from the hospital after a drug overdose.

Jon Bon Jovi not keen to judge TV talent shows

Jon Bon Jovi has refused to a number of lucrative offers to judge a TV talent show, insisting that he already has a job.

Bon Jovi can`t quit performing

Singer Jon Bon Jovi says he has tried to stop performing on stage but is unable to do that for the love of it.

`It`s human` says Bon Jovi on daughter`s heroin overdose

Singer Jon Bon Jovi says he will get through the tragic heroin overdose of his daughter Stephanie Bongiovi and thanked fans for their warm wishes.

Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter not to face drug possession charges

Jon Bon Jovi’s 19-year-old daughter has been absolved of drug possession charges, it has been revealed.

Jon Bon Jovi`s daughter Stephanie arrested for heroin overdose

Jon Bon Jovi`s daughter, Stephanie Bongiovi, was arrested on drug possession charges after she possibly overdosed on heroin in her college dorm room.

Jon Bon Jovi’s teen daughter arrested for drug possession

Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter, Stephanie Bongiovi, was taken into custody after she overdosed on heroin in her college dormitory.

Jon Bon Jovi won`t judge `American Idol`

Jon Bon Jovi won`t judge the next season of singing reality show ‘American Idol’.

Jon Bon Jovi to release two scents with Avon

Avon has been recruited as the spokesmodel to front the brand`s upcoming campaigns for its new ‘Unplugged’ perfumes, reported Aceshowbiz.

Jon Bon Jovi celebrates 50th birthday

Jon Bon Jovi hits a half century as he celebrates his 50th birthday on Friday.

Jon Bon Jovi laughs off death rumours

Jon Bon Jovi took to social media to quash a hoax about his death, and posted a funny picture of himself to show fans that he was still alive and well.

Tom Cruise seeks advice from Bon Jovi for new Rock Of Ages musical

Jon Bon Jovi has revealed that Tom Cruise turned to him for some rock star advice after he signed up to play showman Stacee Jaxx in the new ‘Rock Of Ages’ musical.