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North Korea tested submarine-launched missile, but launch failed: Report

North Korea appeared to conduct a submarine-launched ballistic missile test on Saturday but it ended in failure with no indication that the missile successfully ejected from the vessel and took off, South Korea`s Yonhap news agency reported.

Two Koreas discuss Kaesong wage row

North and South Korean officials on Thursday opened rare talks over a protracted wage dispute at the jointly operated Kaesong industrial zone in the North.

South Korea to hold talks with North on Kaesong wage row

North Korea has agreed to hold talks with the South over a protracted wage dispute at the Kaesong joint industrial zone, Yonhap news agency reported Thursday.

South Korea struggles to keep firms in line over Kaesong wage row

The South Korean government struggled Friday to prevent company managers conceding to North Korean wage rise demands for workers in their joint industrial zone in Kaesong.

South Korea to punish firms who bowed to North`s wage pressure

 South Korea said Tuesday it would punish three factory owners for bowing to North Korean pressure in a wage dispute over workers at the Kaesong joint industrial zone.

South Korea pursues talks with North over Kaesong wage hike

South Korea said Friday it will push for talks in the coming week with the North over their Kaesong joint industrial zone, after reports Pyongyang has taken fresh steps to unilaterally implement a wage hike.

Two South Korean firms in Kaesong to close operations

Three out of the 123 companies in the complex have not restarted their factories.

South Korean MPs make rare crossing to North

A group of South Korean lawmakers crossed the fortified border into North Korea on Wednesday to visit a jointly run industrial park that recently re-opened after military tensions caused a five-month closure.

South Korea, North Korea open Kaesong secretariat

South Korea and North Korea Monday opened a permanent committee secretariat at Kaesong complex to prevent work stoppage at the inter-Korean factory park, South Korea`s unification ministry said.

Koreas agree to open Kaesong zone next week

North and South Korea agreed on Wednesday to reopen their Kaesong joint industrial park next week, five months after it was shut during soaring military tensions.

Inter-Korea panel holds first meet on industrial park

North and South Korea held the first meeting Sunday of a committee tasked with reopening their Kaesong joint industrial zone -- five months after it was shut down amid soaring military tensions.

South Korea proposes `final` North Korea talks over Kaesong

South Korea today proposed "final" talks with the North over the fate of a shuttered joint industrial zone, suggesting it may permanently close the estate if the negotiations fail.

North Korea eyes `denim jeans diplomacy` to end isolation

North Korea will be exporting designer jeans to Sweden, after the two countries sealed a deal.

North Korea shelves talks on family reunions

North Korea has retracted its proposal to hold talks with South Korea on restarting a family reunion programme, a Seoul official said on Thursday.

Koreas end talks without deal, schedule new meeting

South Korea said talks with North Korea on reopening a jointly-run industrial estate ended without agreement today, but the two sides agreed to meet again next week.

North, South Korea agree to hold talks over Kaesong complex

North, South Korea on Thursday agreed "in principle to hold working-level talks" over Kaesong complex, agencies reported.

Historic North Korea city wins World Heritage status

Royal tombs, fortress walls and a 700-year-old school in North Korea`s medieval city of Kaesong were among a dozen monuments granted World Heritage status by UNESCO at its annual meet on Sunday.

North, South Korea make counterproposals for talks

Koreas on Friday traded counterproposals over where to meet for talks Sunday, as mutual interest in mending abysmal ties clashed with mistrust stemming from years of animosity and hard-line stances.

S Korea slams `unjustifiable` North action on Kaesong

North Korea`s decision to pull its workers out of the Kaesong joint industrial zone and suspend all commercial operations at the complex "cannot be justified," South Korea said Monday.

North Korea pulls workers out of Kaesong industrial zone

North Korea announced it would pull all its 53,000 workers out the Kaesong joint industrial zone with South Korea and temporarily shut the complex down.