Sudan military denies helicopter downed in Kordofan

Sudan`s military on Thursday denied one of its helicopter gunships had been shot down in South Kordofan, after rebels released photographs claiming to show the crippled machine.

In Sudan`s Kordofan, Rapid Support troops dig in

The rains have already come to Daldako, where Sudan`s Rapid Support Forces are digging in.

Sudan disarms South Sudanese rebels near border

Sudanese authorities have disarmed a fleeing battalion of South Sudanese rebels after they entered Sudanese territory, Ahmed Khamis, the governor of Sudan`s Kordofan state, said.

Sudan rebels claim clash in strategic region

Sudanese rebels clashed with government forces on Saturday for the second time this week in the strategic South-North Kordofan region, the insurgents said.

Bomb attack in southern Sudan kills 3, injures 7

Three were killed and seven injured in bomb attack by rebels of Sudan People`s Liberation Movement (SPLM)/northern sector against Kadogli, capital of South Kordofan,Khartoum`s Al-Sudani daily reported