TV mogul Simon Cowell wants a daughter
TV mogul Simon Cowell wants a daughter

TV mogul Simon Cowell and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman want to their 15-month-old son Eric to have a sibling, and they want a daughter.

Being a dad is easy: Simon Cowell

 Media mogul Simon Cowell says fatherhood keeps getting better for him.

'Broody' Simon Cowell 'wants another baby'
'Broody' Simon Cowell 'wants another baby'

Simon Cowell has revealed that he wants another baby.

Simon Cowell wants baby girl

Simon Cowell is hoping for a sister for his four-month old son Eric with girlfriend Lauren Silverman, says media mogul`s close friend Sinitta.

Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman buy New York house

TV mogul Simon Cowell and girlfriend Lauren Silverman have reportedly bought a house in Manhattan to raise their child.

Simon Cowell`s son to inherit his business empire

Simon Cowell`s says his son Eric will ultimately inherit his business empire.

Simon Cowell wants a daughter

Music mogul Simon Cowell`s friend Sinitta says he is keen to have a daughter, a younger sister for his three-month-old son Eric.

Simon Cowell will marry Lauren Silverman

Music mogul Simon Cowell`s partner Lauren Silverman has revealed that the couple will eventually tie the knot but aren`t in a hurry to marry.

Simon Cowell plans on being `total softie` to son Eric

Simon Cowell has revealed that he plans on being a `big softie` to his newborn son Eric, just like his own dad.

`The Simpsons` director in talks for `The Pink Panther` movie

Filmmaker David Silverman is in talks to direct the reboot of 2006`s hit comedy `The Pink Panther`.

Simon Cowell, Silverman settled in their new life with son

Media mogul Simon Cowell and his partner Lauren Silverman have reportedly settled in their new life after the birth of their son Eric.

Simon Cowell`s lover`s ex-hubby opens up about losing her to him

Simon Cowell`s baby mama Lauren Silverman`s former husband has finally spoken out about the split, describing the experience of losing his wife to the music mogul as "fascinating, unexpected and shocking".

Smoking cigarettes at 2 in the morning calms me: Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell says smoking and drinking at 2 in the morning helps to calm his mind.

Simon Cowell claims being `great parents` to baby son Eric

Simon Cowell has claimed that he and Lauren Silverman are `great parents` to their new born son Eric.

Simon Cowell obtains passport for son

Simon Cowell`s newborn son is already preparing to become a jet-setter after the music and reality TV mogul obtained his baby`s first passport at just five days old.

Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman head home with baby Eric

Simon Cowell and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman returned home with their newborn baby boy back to their home.

Simon Cowel becomes a father, names son Eric

Media Mogul Simon Cowel and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman have welcomed a baby boy, who has been named Eric.

Simon Cowell won`t change nappies

Simon Cowell, who is preparing to become a father for the first time with girlfriend Lauren Silverman, insists he will never change his baby`s nappy.

Simon Cowell books private jet for Lauren Silverman`s labour

Simon Cowell has reportedly leased a plane for his heavily pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman so that he can fly to New York quickly when she goes into labour.

Simon Cowell uses doll to prepare for baby

Simon Cowell`s ex-girlfriend Sinitta says he has been preparing himself for fatherhood by trying to look after a doll that cries and wets itself.