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India’s Mars Orbiter Mission spacecraft crosses lunar orbit

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), informally called ‘Mangalyaan’, crossed the distance of the Moon’s orbit on Monday morning, said the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

NASA`s new moon probe settles into lunar orbit

Politics may be keeping most of NASA`s workers home, but that didn`t stop the US space agency`s new moon probe from achieving lunar orbit, officials said on Monday.

Fetch 100 million pounds for trip to Moon

A British firm has unveiled plans to blast passengers into lunar orbit for a 100 million pounds fare.

Twin NASA probes reach lunar orbit

GRAIL-B, reached its lunar orbit at 2243 GMT Sunday, while GRAIL-A started orbiting moon at 2200 GMT Saturday.

Twin NASA probes successfully enter lunar orbit

After two years of space travel in the Earth’s orbit, the twin NASA probes have finally reached the Moon.

China`s moon probe enters 100 km lunar orbit

China`s 2nd unmanned lunar probe, Chang`e-II, today successfully completed its third & final braking.

Chang`e-II enters lunar orbit

China`s second unmanned lunar probe Chang`e-II today entered its lunar orbit.