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Camels – The real culprit behind common cold in humans?

The researchers found that one of the four common cold coronaviruses - HcoV-229E - originated from camels, just like the MERS virus.

Lungs main target organs of MERS, says patient's autopsy

Patients with Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) often show signs of acute kidney failure but lungs are the main target organs of the new disease in humans, reveals a study of the first reported autopsy of a MERS patient.

WHO cautions against MERS, as Thailand reports fresh case

 The WHO has cautioned the Southeast Asian nations against risks of the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome corona virus (MERS CoV), after Thailand confirmed a fresh case on Sunday.

Mutation detected in South Korean MERS virus

A total of 187 people were infected overall, with thousands more placed under quarantine as a precautionary measure.

South Korea's MERS alert reduced to lowest level

 South Korean authorities on Tuesday lowered the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) alert level to its lowest readiness posture with no new infections reported in the country in nearly five months.

Camels in Kenya infected by MERS virus

 Nearly half of the camels in parts of Kenya have been infected by the virus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), raising concerns about the role they could play in transmitting the disease to humans.

Last South Korean MERS patient again hospitalized

Medical staffs treating the patient, who has already suffered from lymphoma causing immunity disorder, stressed the "near-zero" possibility for him to have infected other people.

33 percent Saudi MERS cases occurred in hospitals

 Thirty three percent of a total of 1,252 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus cases reported over the past four years in Saudi Arabia took place within hospitals, a media report said on Saturday.

Samsung heir apologises in public for MERS spread

The heir of the Samsung business group made a deep bow in apology as criticism mounts on a Samsung hospital for its role in spreading the Middle East respiratory syndrome.