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42-feet-long dead Bryde’s whale washes ashore Guhaghar beach in Maharashtra

42-feet-long dead Bryde’s whale washes ashore Guhaghar beach in Maharashtra

A decomposed body of 42-feet-long whale washed ashore the Guhaghar beach in Ratnagiri district in coastal Konkan region of Maharashtra on Friday morning. 

Blue whale washed ashore at Alibaugh beach, dies

Blue whale washed ashore at Alibaugh beach, dies

In a tragic incident, a 42-foot-long blue whale washed ashore at the Revdanda beach in Alibaugh, Mumbai, died despite efforts by local residents to put the mammal back into the sea.

Opossum peptide may save lives lost to snakebites

Scientists have turned to the opossum -- a rat-like mammal found in the Americas -- to develop a promising new and inexpensive antidote for poisonous snake bites.

Genes behind bowhead whale's longevity identified

Genes behind bowhead whale's longevity identified

Scientists have mapped the genome for the world's longest-living mammal, the bowhead whale, and discovered unique genes that give it a lifespan of more than 200 years.

New species of small mammal found

Scientists have found a new species of round-eared sengi, or elephant-shrew, in the remote deserts of south-western Africa.

48-million-year-old food webs show modern structure

In the most compelling evidence to date that ancient food webs were organised much like modern food webs, researchers have pieced together a highly detailed picture of feeding relationships among 700 mammal, bird, reptile, fish, insect and plant species from a 48 million year old lake and forest ecosystem.

Sea lion shows surprising rhythmic ability

Ronan, a rescued sea lion, has a unique talent that has shed new light on animal cognition.

Fossil of most evolutionarily successful mammal found in China

A nearly complete skeleton that belongs to the oldest ancestor of "the most evolutionarily successful and long-lived mammal lineage" on Earth has been unearthed in China

Oddest couple amphibian and mammal shared 250 mln year old burrow

Scientists from South Africa, Australia and France have discovered a world first association while scanning a 250 million year old fossilized burrow from the Karoo Basin of South Africa.

Research foretells bleak future for mammals

A higher fequency of extreme conditions such as cyclones and droughts, spurred by climate change, could subject mammals to a greater risk of extinction, a zoological study says.

How jaws evolved in humans and other mammals

A University of Notre Dame researcher has shed light on the evolution and function of jaws.

A device to communicate with dolphins!

Scientists have developed a new dolphin speaker device which they say could help one talk with these remarkably intelligent mammals.

Diversity `helped mammals’ survival over deep time

Diversity is the mammal’s best defense when it comes to adapting climatic changes.

Neuron transplants may repair diseased brain circuitry in mammals

Carefully selected young, healthy neurons can functionally integrate into diseased brain circuitry in mammals, a new study has found.

Evolution of ear

A new species of mammal that lived 123 mn yrs ago has been discovered.

Scientists find mammal that lived 123 mn yrs ago in China

An international team of paleontologists has discovered a new species of mammal that lived 123 million years ago in what is now the Liaoning Province in northeastern China.