Martian life

Bacteria can help find alien life

A discovery on how bacteria interact with salt to build complex three-dimensional shelters to hibernate has led scientists to believe that the micro-organisms can help find signs of life on other planets.

Jul 27, 2014, 19:58 PM IST

Mars could have been warm and wet enough to form ancient valleys

Researchers have said that much like the Grand Canyon, Nanedi Valles snakes across the Martian surface suggesting that liquid water once crossed the landscape.

Nov 25, 2013, 12:02 PM IST

Scientist developing `biological fax machine` to copy Martian life

A maverick scientist wants to detect Martian life and bring it back to Earth by using a device called a digital biological converter, or biological teleporter that he`s trying to build.

Nov 25, 2013, 11:55 AM IST

Manned mission to Mars would threaten Martian life

It may take decades before astronauts could set foot on Mars, but scientists have warned that humans could be a danger to the planet’s native if they land on it.

Oct 29, 2012, 18:12 PM IST