Lindsay Lohan hits out at mother

Lindsay Lohan hits out at mother

Lindsay Lohan blasted at her mother Dina on Instagram for not being there for her. 

Lindsay Lohan not invited for dad's wedding

Actress Lindsay Lohan was reportedly not invited to her father's wedding.

Lindsay Lohan`s brother recovering after high fever

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan`s half-brother Landon was rushed to hospital after he woke up with extremely high fever earlier this week. He is now recovering.

Michael Lohan wants to read ex-wife`s memoir

Actress Lindsay Lohan`s father Michael has demanded a copy of ex-wife Dina`s upcoming memoir before he signs the no-objection form.

Dina Lohan asked to do community service

Lindsay Lohan`s mother Dina Lohan, who was caught in a case of over speeding and drunken driving in September, has been reportedly referred to do community service.

Lindsey Lohan is sober: Michael Lohan

Lindsay Lohan`s father Michael Lohan has shot down reports suggesting that his daughter might be drinking again after the actress promised to stay sober.

Lindsay Lohan`s half sister undergoes cosmetic surgery to look like her

Actress Lindsay Lohan`s estranged half sister Ashley Horn has reportedly spent $25,000 on cosmetic surgery to look like her.

Dina Lohan arrested for drunk driving

Actress Lindsay Lohan`s mother Dina has been arrested for speeding while intoxicated and is reportedly due to appear in court later this month.

Lindsay Lohan’s father blames self for daughter`s troubles with drug and alcohol

Lindsay Lohan`s father, Michael Lohan , has admitted that he is the one who should be held responsible for his daughter`s drink and drug addiction, and not the actress.

Lindsay Lohan refused trip away with Max George to remain `sober` following rehab

Lindsay Lohan`s father, Michael, has revealed that the troubled actress turned down Max George`s offer to go away with him in order to avoid any damage to her sobriety.

Lindsay Lohan vows not to cut `positive influence` dad out of life

Lindsay Lohan wants dad, Michael Lohan to be a big part of her life while she focuses on rebuilding herself after rehab.

Lindsay Lohan’s dad reveals he wanted to kill person who provided her coke at 18

Lindsay Lohan`s father, Michael, has claimed that his daughter`s first encounter with drugs took place when she was shooting rom-com ` Just My Luck` aged just 18.

Michael and Dina Lohan bury hatchet for Lindsay Lohan`s sake

Lindsay Lohan`s parents Michael and Dina- whose divorce was finalized in 2007- seem to be getting along and they`re apparently doing it out of concern for their troubled daughter.

Samantha Ronson used Lindsay for fame, says Michael Lohan

Lindsay Lohan`s father, Michael Lohan, has criticised the actor`s former girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, for taking advantage of her.

Family supporting Lindsay during this time: Michael Lohan

Lindsay Lohan`s father Michael Lohan says his daughter is doing completely fine in the rehab and the family is supporting her during this troubled time.

Dad wants Lindsay to be moved to Florida rehab

Lindsay Lohan`s father Michael Lohan wants her to be transferred to a rehab in Florida.

Lindsay Lohan unhappy with rehab visit, says father

Lindsay Lohan could not stop crying when she was heading to a rehabilitation centre here, says her father Michael Lohan.

Have found the perfect rehab for Lindsay: Michael Lohan

Lindsay Lohan`s father Michael Lohan wants her to attend the Lukens Institute rehab facility.

Lindsay Lohan`s father furious over nightclub incident

Lindsay Lohan`s father Michael is furious over daughter`s newly released photographs which show her hiding under a table to avoid taking pictures with fans at a nightclub in Brazil.

Lindsay Lohan`s dad worries she will die in a year

Lindsay Lohan`s father Michael Lohan is terrified she will be dead within a year.