Music is my main love: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus says she will be concentrating on her music rather than crying over heartbreak.

Liam Hemsworth proud of Miley Cyrus

Actor Liam Hemsworth is proud of his pop star fiancée Miley Cyrus` sky-rocketing career.

Liam Hemsworth wants to end relation with Miley Cyrus?

Actor Liam Hemsworth is reportedly so upset with fiancée Miley Cyrus` habits that he wants to end relationship with him.

Miley Cyrus wants to leak her own songs

Miley Cyrus wants to leak the latest songs from her untitled fourth studio album because she cannot wait for her fans to listen to them.

Miley Cyrus wants to start afresh

Miley Cyrus admits she isn’t fond of her old records, and says she would love to work as a "new artist".