Former Argentine military ruler Videla dies in prison

Former Argentine military ruler Jorge Rafael Videla died on Friday while serving life sentences in prison for crimes against humanity.

Egypt`s military ruler warns of grave consequences

The military took the reins of power when Hosni Mubarak was ousted in February by a popular uprising.

Egypt military ruler in talks with ElBaradei, Muss

Egypt`s military ruler on Saturday held
talks with presidential hopefuls Mohamed ElBaradei and Amr

Graft case: Former military ruler Ershad acquitted

In a major relief for Bangladesh`s
former military ruler HM Ershad, a court on Sunday acquitted him
in a graft case filed in 1995.

Fiji`s military ruler says ousted PM still popular

Fiji`s military ruler says the prime minister he ousted in a coup three years ago would be returned to power if democratic elections were held tomorrow in the South Pacific island nation.