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China hit by yet another milk scandal

A cancer-causing toxin was found in milk produced by a leading company.

Tainted milk scandal: Chinese couple held for poisoning

A Chinese couple has been
charged with intentional poisoning in the recent tainted milk

China jails milk scandal activist

An activist who campaigned for compensation for victims of a massive 2008 tainted milk scandal was sentenced to two and a half years in jail on Wednesday, his lawyer said.

Dairy managers arrested in China milk scandal

Three dairy plant managers and one milk powder dealer in central China have been arrested for allegedly selling milk products tainted with the industrial chemical melamine, shortly after the government launched a 10-day crackdown.

New melamine-tainted milk products found in China

Local health officials have pulled melamine-tainted milk products off the shelves in a southwestern Chinese province in the latest case of tainted food items, state media reported on Monday.

Shanghai dairy shut over tainted milk products

Chinese authorities shut down a dairy in Shanghai after tests found some of its milk products were tainted with the same industrial chemical at the centre of a milk safety scandal more than a year ago.

First civil lawsuit starts in China milk scandal

A court is hearing the country`s first civil lawsuit by a man whose child was sickened in China`s vast tainted milk scandal, state media reported on Saturday.