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Hollande`s mistress nominated for French Oscar

Julie Gayet, the actress reported to have had an affair with President Francois Hollande, was nominated on Monday for the French equivalent of an Oscar for playing a suspenders-wearing seductress.

Anti-corruption drive in China exposes official with 47 mistresses

Many alleged misdeeds were exposed by Internet users, mostly whistleblowers and rogue journalists.

Carla Bruni offered `mistress duties` while pursuing Mick Jagger

Bruni was so ‘hopelessly stuck’ on Jagger that she travelled to Thailand with him just a day after his wife gave birth to their daughter.

US woman makes fake bomb threat to stop husband from flying to mistress

A US woman reportedly called in a bomb threat to stop her husband from getting on a plane, which she believed he was taking to go meet his mistress.

Womaniser Michael Lohan had mistress while dating Kate Major

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael Lohan has been revealed as a womaniser who had a mistress on the side, while he was dating former tabloid reporter Kate Major.

Strauss-Kahn brought mistress to ‘orgy of 8’

A businessman said police chief Jean-Christophe Lagarde organised the orgy at the five-star Murano Hotel in 2009.

Kutcher’s alleged mistress is a ‘party girl who knows what she wants’

Sara Leal, who is making news for her alleged hook up with married star Ashton Kutcher, is regular on the club scenes in Las Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles, her pals has revealed.

Arnie’s mistress Mildred Baena reveals all for the 1st time

Arnold Schwarzenegger`s mistress has opened up for the first time since their love child scandal broke.

Tiger Wood`s ex-mistress Rachel Uchitel denies affair with Arnie

Tiger Wood`s infamous mistress Rachel Uchitel has denied that she had an affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger after they were linked up recently.

Arnie’s mistress, love child hiding out in Texas!

It has been confirmed that Arnold Schwarzenegger`s mistress and love child are hiding in a small Texas town to escape the media glare after the news of their secret life was exposed.

‘The Octopus’ Arnie was called ‘long hands’ by his mistress

Arnold Schwarzenegger was called so because of the way he groped her and other women workers.

Arnie confessed after mistress threatened to go public with his love child

Arnold Schwarzenegger confessed of fathering a love child out of wedlock when his alleged mistress threatened to go public with details.

Schwarzenegger’s ‘mistress’ denies being behind his marriage break-up

The woman, who has been rumoured of having had a fling with Arnold Schwarzenegger, has denied charges that she was behind the actor’s 25-year-marriage breaking-up.

Shania had a panic attack when she met her hubby’s mistress

Shania Twain said she once tried confronting Marie-Anne Thiebaud but left her feeling like ‘a coward’.

Brit newspapers cite proof that Van Morrison has `love child` with mistress

Two British newspapers claim they have uncovered evidence that singer Van Morrison fathered a child out of marriage with one of his US tour supporters.

Picasso’s portrait of his mistress to fetch £18m

Portrait of Picasso`s mistress is expected to fetch 18 million pounds.

Putin’s mistress denies giving birth to lovechild

Vladimir Putin`s alleged mistress says the baby is actually her nephew.

Vladimir Putin`s ‘mistress’ denies she gave birth to his baby

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin`s alleged mistress, Alina Kabayeva, has denied she gave birth to his baby son.

Putin`s ‘mistress’ planning to release Barbie-style doll of herself

Vladimir Putin`s alleged mistress, Alina Kabayeva, is reportedly planning to release a Barbie-style doll of herself.

Putin`s `mistress` features on Vogue Russia

Alina is Vogue Russia`s cover girl for its January 2011 issue.