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NASA may send small drone to explore Saturn`s moon

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 02, 2014, 17:33

Saturn`s giant moon Titan has become one of the most fascinating bodies in the solar system because of its potential similarities to the atmosphere of primordial Earth, and NASA has now announced plans to release a small drone from an interplanetary balloon to explore the moon`s surface.

Mysterious `magic island` detected on Saturn moon

Last Updated: Monday, June 23, 2014, 13:56

Astronomers have discovered a bright, mysterious geologic object - that appeared and then vanished again - from Ligeia Mare, the second largest sea on Saturn`s moon Titan.

Sunsets on Saturn`s moon Titan help understand hazy atmosphere of exoplanets

Last Updated: Wednesday, May 28, 2014, 18:35

Scientists working with data from NASA`s Cassini mission have used Saturn`s smog-enshrouded moon Titan as a stand-in to develop a new way to understand the atmospheres of exoplanets.

Liquid `waves` detected on Saturn`s moon Titan

Last Updated: Thursday, March 20, 2014, 18:49

In a breakthrough, scientists claim to have discovered liquid waves on the surface of the Saturn`s moon Titan, something that was never seen before.

Usain Bolt could be flying on Saturn`s biggest moon Titan

Last Updated: Wednesday, March 05, 2014, 15:34

Physicists have calculated that if Usain Bolt was to sprint on Saturn`s biggest moon Titan, he would actually be flying.

NASA`s probe reveals clues about Saturn moon`s hydrocarbon lakes and seas

Last Updated: Friday, December 13, 2013, 11:34

NASA`s Cassini spacecraft is providing researchers with key clues about Saturn`s moon Titan, and in particular, its hydrocarbon lakes and seas.

New images reveal how lakes were formed on Saturn`s moon Titan

Last Updated: Saturday, October 26, 2013, 10:19

With the sun now shining over the north pole of Saturn`s moon Titan, NASA`s Cassini spacecraft has obtained new images of the liquid methane and ethane seas and lakes that reside near Titan`s north pole.

Cassini finds plastic ingredient propylene on Saturn`s moon Titan

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 01, 2013, 10:20

NASA`s Cassini spacecraft has discovered propylene, a chemical that is used to make food-storage containers, car bumpers, on Saturn`s moon Titan.

Change in Saturn`s moon Titan`s surface brightness points towards cryovolcanism

Last Updated: Sunday, September 15, 2013, 12:42

Researchers have said that changes in surface brightness on Saturn`s moon, Titan, observed over four years, has provided more evidence that cryovolcanism is active there.

Cassini sees precursors to aerosol haze on Titan

Last Updated: Thursday, June 06, 2013, 19:48

Scientists analyzing data from NASA`s Cassini mission have confirmed the presence of a population of complex hydrocarbons in the upper atmosphere of Saturn`s largest moon, Titan.

Titan `half awake in chemical activity`

Last Updated: Thursday, April 04, 2013, 11:07

A lab experiment suggests that complex organic chemistry that could lead to the building blocks of life extends lower in the atmosphere.

Saturn’s moon Titan glows in dark

Last Updated: Thursday, November 01, 2012, 19:44

A person in a balloon in Titan’s haze layer wouldn’t see the glow because it’s too faint -- something like a millionth of a watt.