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New 3D nano-material can enhance battery storage

 An international team of scientists has developed what may be the first one-step process for making seamless carbon-based nanomaterials that possess superior thermal, electrical and mechanical properties in three dimensions.

Soon cheaper, efficient metal-based solar cells maybe available

Soon cheaper, efficient metal-based solar cells maybe available

In a breakthrough discovery, scientists have revealed a new method which could lead to cheap, efficient metal-based solar cells.

Soon, `electronic skin` to release drugs in body

Imagine a tattoo-like thin wearable device that can store information and also deliver medicine - combining patient treatment and monitoring at one time?

New urine test to detect blood clots

Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have developed a simple urine test to detect dangerous blood clots, which can cause life-threatening conditions such as strokes and heart attacks.

Ancient pigment inspires new nanomaterials

A bright blue pigment used 5,000 years ago in Egypt is inspiring scientists to develop new nanomaterials for medical imaging devices, TV remote controls, security inks and other technology.

Paper-thin material that can stop flying bullets created

A team of mechanical engineering and materials scientists from Rice University and MIT has created special nanomaterials that were able to stop bullets in the lab.