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British couple freed by pirates `happy to be alive`

Somali pirates hijacked British couple`s yacht near the Seychelles in 2009.

British yacht couple reunited: Somali doctor

A British yachting couple seized by Somali pirates and held in separate locations have been temporarily reunited after weeks apart, a doctor who treated the two said.

UK couple to be released soon: Somali official

A retired British couple snatched last year from their sailboat by pirates could be released within weeks as Somali communities inside and outside the East African country work for their freedom, a Somali official said on Friday.

Kidnapped Britons say Somali pirates may kill them

A retired British couple snatched from their yacht by Somali pirates said in an interview broadcast on Friday they fear they could be killed within a week or handed to a terrorist group if a ransom demand is not paid.

Somali pirates to put British couple on other ship

A Somali pirate claiming to speak on behalf of a group holding a British couple says they will move the couple to another hijacked ship with other hostages anchored off the eastern coast of Somalia.

UK couple asleep as Somali pirates hijacked yacht

A British man kidnapped by Somali pirates while vacationing on a yacht with his wife said in an interview released on Thursday that the sea bandits had crept aboard with guns while he was asleep and demanded money.