Airlines need 558,000 new pilots over 20 years: Boeing

Commercial airlines will need to recruit and train 558,000 new pilots over the next 20 years to meet rising travel demand, according to a Boeing forecast released today.

DGCA finalising psychometric test norms for pilots

 As the government looks to make psychometric tests compulsory for pilots in the wake of the Germanwings crash, DGCA is preparing detailed norms including that for assessment of an individual's mental health at the time of joining a flying training school.

DGCA panel to consult pilots on norms for assessing their mental health

A DGCA-appointed panel, set up to formulate norms for assessing the mental health of pilots, has decided to consult pilots across airlines and other stake holders before giving a final shape to the new regulations.

Portugal pilots warned of 70,000 homing pigeons

 Airplane pilots in Portugal have been advised to fly with special care after 70,000 homing pigeons were released in Spain to participate in a race back to their homes in Portugal.

Turkish Airlines chief urges pilots to marry after Germanwings tragedy

The general manager of Turkish Airlines has urged single pilots to marry, after the Germanwings tragedy blamed on a pilot with psychological problems.

German pilots` doctors urge more tests in light of crash

 German aviation industry doctors said on Tuesday that pilots should undergo more extensive medical checks in the wake of the Germanwings crash in the French Alps that killed 150 people.

Air India to reward pilots who make onboard announcements in Hindi

State-run Air India plans to reward those pilots who make onboard announcements in Hindi, almost 10 months after the Central government came out with a circular on the use of official language in various public departments.

Pilots' mental health checks: DGCA begins discussions on norms

Aviation regulator DGCA has initiated comprehensive discussions with Directorate of Medical Services for formulating new norms for assessing the mental health of pilots which may include regular checkups.

Pilots must have regular medical check-ups: UN agency

Pilots must have regular mental and physical check-ups, the UN world aviation body said Thursday, after it emerged that a Germanwings first officer deliberately crashed his plane killing all 150 on board.

Germanwings cancels flight as pilots refuse to fly

A number of pilots at German low-cost airline Germanwings refused to fly Wednesday following the deadly crash in the French Alps, saying they were mourning the victims of the doomed aircraft.

Nestle refuels pilots in Solar Impulse aircraft

The entire nation is excited about the Solar Impulse aircraft, powered solely by the sun`s energy that landed in Ahmedabad on March 10 night and took off on Wednesday for its next leg to Varanasi on its global flight. 

Taiwan says 10 of 49 ATR pilots fail test, will be suspended

Taiwan’s aviation regulator said on Wednesday 10 of TransAsia’s 49 ATR pilots have failed oral proficiency tests on handling an aircraft during engine failure following a fatal airline crash in the capital last week. 

Single pilots to fly commercial jets in future
Single pilots to fly commercial jets in future

In the era of automation, a new study by the US space agency is looking into whether single pilots can fly large commercial jets so that the shortage of trained airline pilots can be resolved.

Hong Kong carrier Cathay pilots in 'work-to-rule' over pay dispute

Pilots of Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific were due to start work-to-rule action today after long-running pay talks broke down, raising the prospect of delays and cancellations in the run-up to Christmas.

Automated cockpits affect pilots' emergency skills
Automated cockpits affect pilots' emergency skills

Prolonged use of cockpit automation negatively impacts pilots' ability to remember how to perform these key tasks in case of an emergency, a new research shows.

71 pilots grounded this year by DGCA

At least 71 pilots were grounded this year for various reasons, including being found tipsy, with about half of them belonging to no-frill carriers SpiceJet and IndiGo, Rajya Sabha was informed on Tuesday.

Islamic State training pilots to fly fighter jets

 Iraqi pilots who have joined Islamic State (IS) are training its members in Syria to fly three captured fighter jets, media reported Friday.

New ash detector to warn pilots of volcanic eruptions

To help prevent air traffic chaos following a volcanic eruption, a Norway-based company has invented an ash detector that attaches itself to a plane, so pilots receive a warning before flying into dangerous particles.