Bees can be more important than fertiliser?

Insects play a key role in the pollination of cultivated plants, and a new study suggests that they can be even more important than fertiliser.

Diesel fumes baffle bees: Study

Diesel exhaust fumes alter the flowery smells that guide bees when they forage, potentially sending them off course and putting the food-growing industry at risk, a study said today.

European grassland butterflies in decline

More than half of Europe`s main species of grassland butterflies are in sharp decline as a result of habitat loss, the European Environment Agency (EAA) warned on Tuesday.

Flowers turning red to entice birds as pollinators: Study

Certain native flowers are turning red to entice birds as pollinators, shifting away from insects that did the job earlier, says a new research.

Bees help flowers grow same hues across oceans

Plants separated by vast oceans and 34 million years evolved to produce the same coloured flower petals because of their reliance on bees for pollination, according to new research.

India`s veg farmers hit with pollination crisis

Reduced vegetable production in India is an outcome of decline in the pollinating insects.