US army tests `cutting edge` `Halo` style helmets

The US Army is testing a new helmet that looks like headwear from the `Halo` video game franchise.

Summary revision of electoral rolls in Haryana

On Election Commission`s
directions, a special summary revision of electoral rolls in
Haryana was conducted.

Revision round of Census underway

The revision round of the
Census is currently being undertaken all over the country with
enumerators going back to houses to record any changes that
may have occurred primarily due to deaths and births in the

Par panel recommends revision of architects` bill

Taking note of the Council of Architecture`s reservations to provisions in the Architects (Amendment) Bill, a Parliamentary panel
has recommended that its provisions be "suitably" revised.

Revision of electoral rolls in Andhra from October 30

The annual exercise would begin with the publication of draft rolls on October 30 and conclude by January five, by when the final rolls would be published.

Now, a talking pillow for students!

Now, a "talking pillow" which would help you in revision of
lessons during examination.

Tax treaty revision to help share account info: Swiss

Switzerland has said exchanging
details of bank accounts with India would be possible once the
tax treaty, aimed at tracking black money, between the two
nations is revised.

AERA may revise UDF, DF at major airports

The hefty user development fee
(UDF) of up to Rs 1,070 charged at the Bangalore and Hyderabad
airports and the development fee (DF) levied at the Delhi and
Mumbai airports could be revised.